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May 19, 2011 CAAT Pension Plan Presentation

There will be an OPSEU Local 415 (Faculty)-sponsored presentation by the CAAT Pension Plan on Thursday May 19, 2011 in Room P311 at 1:00. This 90-minute presentation is specifically for those in the last ten to fifteen years of their employment. Following the presentation, individual representatives will meet one -on- oneĀ  in ten minute sessions to review pension estimates for those who would like one. To book a consultation, which will be scheduled after 2:30, please contact the faculty union office at 7716 and provide your name and anticipated date of retirement ( in the absence of a date, the Pension Plan reps will assume December 31, 2011). To reserve an appointment for the one-on-one meetings,please contact the union office by Thursday, May 5,2011. No appointment is required to attend the presentation.

Jack Wilson

1st VP, OPSEU Local 415

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