Official Website for OPSEU Local 415

2011 Elections

1. Editor Local Lines -Jack Wilson 2 year term

2. WMG- J.P.Lamarche continues another year Pat Kennedy/Marlaine Finnegan/David Haley elected. Alternates Rod Bain, Christine Wojcik

3. CESC- J.P.Lamarche and Jack Wilson elected. Pat Kennedy Automatic continuing for another year-Rod Bain and Mike Nauth. David Haley and Shawn Pentecost are alternates.

4. Health and Safety Committee-Acclaimed Alain Peyrun-Berron. Continuing for another year Marlaine Finnegan. Christine Wojcik, David Haley and J.P.Lamarche

5. CAAT Division (DIVEX)- Pat Kennedy automatic. Jack Wilson, Marlaine Finnegan, Maria Taylor Elected. Shawn Pentecost and Rod Bain alternates.

6. OPSEU Convention- 2012 Pat Kennedy automatic. Audrey Rosa, Shawn Pentecost,  Jack Wilson elected. Christine Wojcik , Marlaine Finnegan alternates.

7. OPSEU Regional 2012- Pat Kennedy automatic. Maria Taylor, Christine Wojcik, David Haley elected. Rod Bain and Mary Ann Hansen alternates.

8. OPSEU Area Council- Christine Wojcik continues until 2012

9. ODLC- Christine Wojcik  acclaimed.

10. Trustees- Linda Reiche and Jeff Jackson have agreed to serve for another two years


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