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Local 415 Elections

As the electoral officer,I am pleased to announce the following two people have been acclaimed as stewards at Pembroke:

Pauline Edmonds and Shawn Pentecost

The following 37 people have beem acclaimed as stewards at Woodroffe:

Ian Allen;Wahab Almuhtadi;Dan Anderson;Jeremy Anderson

Maria Belanger;Sharleen Conrad-Beatty;Linda Crane

Roger Davey;Enrico De Francesco;Marie Durocher

Paul Ebbs;Scott Fewer;Sandra Gibbons

David Haley;Stephen Heckbert;Duchan Horvat

Jennifer Houselander;Pat Kennedy;Catherine Kenney

J.P.Lamarche;Shawn McBride;David McCue

Moira McDonald;Virginia Mielke;Jerome Mizon

Jennifer Monk;Jim Myronyk;Judy Puritt

Mario Ramsay;Leigh Ridgway;Audrey Rosa

Maria Taylor;Claire Tortolo;Jack Wilson

Chris Wojcik;Leslie Wyman;Joe Yu

There will be an election at Perth and the nominees are:

Rod Bain

Darrin MacDonald

The Election at Perth will be Tuesday November 12 in room 108 from 9-1.

Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Staff Rep


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