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Why Vote No-Special Negotiations Bulletin No.3

On September 11, your Local Executive Committee (LEC) passes the following motion:

The LEC of local 415 recommends that the membership vote to reject the memorandum of settlement.

Why your OPSEU Local 415 Executive Committee recommends voting “NO” on September 23.

The decision to recommend rejection of the settlement offer was not taken lightly. However, your Local steward have grave concerns about how this settlement could affect the quality of education for our students, the future of the college system, and the quality of your work life for years to come. These concerns have been echoed by many other locals across the province.

“What happens if I vote “no” and this doesn’t pass?”

If you vote no and the settlement is not ratified, both teams need to go back to the table to negotiate a better, more acceptable deal. There cannot be an immediate lock-out or strike.

The decision you make will affect you and your students well beyond the next three years.


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