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Protect TV Access for rural/low-income Ontario

Please sign this petition to keep TVO broadcasting over-the-air. TVO has recently decided to pull the plug on over-the-air transmitters in all of Ontario execpt for one transmission tower in the Toronto area. Rural Ontarian are  in many ways already disadvantage by the high costs or lack of access to the internet. For many families in rural and northern areas, TVO over-the-air represents an important, and sometimes the only, part of their TV viewing. TVO over-the-air must be available for Ontarian who are not able to afford or have access satellite,cable television or the internet.

TVO is funded by the province of Ontario through the Ministry of Education. Send Premier Kathleen Wayne and the Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter the message to keep the over-the -air broadcasts of TVO throughout the province by signing the petition at


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