Official Website for OPSEU Local 415


OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents all full-time and partial-load faculty at Algonquin College: professors,instructors, cousellors and librarians.

OPSEU stands for Ontario Public Service Employees Union of which there are five constituent parts: The CAAT Academic (representing all college faculty); CAAT Support(representing all college support staff); the Broader Public Service (BPS) made up of hundreds of government-funded agencies and organizations; The Ontario Public Service made up of staff who work directly for government ministries; and the LCBO employees.

Our Local is one of 24 CAAT Academic locals who together represent all full-time and partial-load faculty at all Ontario community colleges. The 24 locals bargain as one collective unit.

At the provincial level,ther is CAAT Academic Divisional Executive (DIVEX) which represents all faculty in interactions with the Ministry and The Council ( the organization representing management). The members of the DIVEX are elected by delegates every two years from each of  the college locals.

At the local level, the elected stewards of OPSEU 415 constitute the Local Executive Committee (LEC) and they represent the members in meetings with management including grievance meetings. They are elected every two years by the membership.  Any member who has a union card may either vote in and/or run for election.

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