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CAAT Pension Plan funded status grows to 118%

Dear members, 

I am pleased to be able to convey to you some fantastic news of continued grown of our jointly governed CAAT Pension Plan, which stands 118% funded on a going-concern basis, with a funding reserve of $2.3 billion, based on its latest actuarial valuation as at January 1, 2018. This is an improvement over last year’s valuation that showed the Plan 113% funded with a funding reserve of $1.6 billion. 

For further details, I invite you to read the attached 2018-03-01 CAAT-Funding Valuation news release. 

Pat Kennedy

Faculty Sponsor of CAAT Pension Plan

Local 415 Strike Update

Email access for the Forced Offer Vote
If you have not done so, please check that your college email password is valid. If it has expired, please contact IT at 5555 ASAP. Access to the password is crucial in order to vote November 14-16.
PIN numbers for voting available on Monday, November 13 – please check your college email account that day
Each person is to be assigned a special PIN sent to his or her college email address. Please check for the PIN.

If you do not receive an email on November 13, 2017 outlining how to vote and providing a personalidentification number (PIN), you may contact the VOTER HELP CENTRE toll free at 1-888-281-8683 (8am-8pm ET).

If you lose or misplace your PIN, contact the VOTER HELP CENTRE toll free at 1-888-281-8683 (8am-8pm ET).
Misinformation No. 1  
Unfortunately, the Sunday, November 12 edition of the Toronto Star published incorrect information on the offer that we will be voting on. To be clear, we are voting on the Council’s offer, not (as the Star reported incorrectly) the one our Team was working on before the Council walked out last week. The Star has since pulled its online version of the story due to the inaccuracy. 
Misinformation No. 2  
Again, our senior administration is publishing inaccurate information. Last week, Cheryl Jensen reported that bargaining had resumed when clearly it had not. Now, Cathy Frederick, the VP of Human Resources, has put out a document stating the post-strike reduced pay for full-time faculty will be at the rate of 1/261 of annual salary for each day of the strike as opposed to 1/216th as contained in the Council offer. To be clear, all provisions in the offer apply to all 24 colleges. There is no such thing as individual bargaining by colleges. In the unlikely event we accepted the offer, the reduction will indeed be 1/216 for each day of the strike.
What will be the true cost (based on each full-time faculty member’s current pay scale) of accepting the Council’s return-to-work protocol (as contained in their offer vote) based on the 1/216 calculation as opposed to the 1/261 calculation?
Two of our accounting faculty have done the calculations based on whether you are a full-time professor/counsellor/librarian (PCL) or an instructor. Go to
There is a tab on the Excel spreadsheet for professor/counsellor/librarian (PCL) and one for instructor. Assuming a five-week strike, the estimated 1/216  (post-strike) loss for each full-time member based on the Council offer ranges from $1230 to $2130 for PCL faculty depending on the member’s current salary step, and from $809 to $1373 for instructors.
Those losses can only be avoided by rejecting the Council offer.
How to avoid misinformation?
Always check our local web site
More evidence why it is important to get more full-time positions in the college system
 Here are the rankings of US Universities and Colleges:

Strike Bulletin No. 1

Support pours in as Faculty Strike begins please read full bulletin here

Picket line solidarity

Message from the Local 415 Strike Committee:

During a strike, there is no crossing the picket line for any reasons. The OPSEU Strike Policy is clear that with the exception of essential emergency services, no member of the bargaining unit that is on strike is to cross the picket line under any circumstances. By going on strike, we have made it clear we have withdrawn our services and our presence for the duration of the strike period. Therefore, notwithstanding any inducements by the college management to cross the picket line — whether it be the use of college parking or college washrooms —  we want to be clear any crossing of the picket line constitutes strike breaking.
Message from the Bargaining Team:


It is more important now than ever that we stand together as faculty. The effectiveness of any job action is through withholding entirely the work that we do from our employer. This is the nature of a strike. Continuing to engage in work whether online or face-to-face serves only to prolong a strike and to undermine the solidarity required to reach a settlement.


In preparation for a strike or lockout

It is business as usual until a strike or lockout occurs. Please do not alter your weekly syllabus to make up classes that could be missed or give students extra work to do during a potential work stoppage. It is important that you do not post content on learning management systems ahead of time and remember to turn off the “automatic” or “timed” release of upcoming content. You should turn off any assignment dropboxes that will automatically open during a strike.


In the event of a strike or lockout

If it comes to strike action, we will be picketing and withholding our work from the employer. All teaching and professional activities related to our role as faculty must stop. This includes not communicating with students via email, learning management systems, and/or on social media. It also includes not meeting with students off campus and not teaching online in any capacity. Denying our expertise to the college is the main leverage we have to resolve a strike. If the colleges see that we are continuing to

work during this time, they will have less motivation to settle. We all want the best for our students and improving our working conditions will improve students’ learning conditions. While there will be short term inconvenience, there will be long term gains for both students and faculty.


Together we are stronger

All efforts have been directed towards a successful resolution to our bargaining. It is everyone’s hope that there will be no strike or lockout, but as recent events have shown solidarity works. In the event of a strike or lockout, our job as educators will be to engage our students in supporting our lines to build a better college system.

Video Message

Bargaining Team Video update

Drug Benefits in Quebec RAMQ Info

The Local has just been made aware of a change in drug coverage for members who live in Quebec as detailed here Drug Benefits in Quebec  Drug Benefits in Quebec FR

Please do not hesitate to contact Kim MacPherson at OPSEU for further information/assistance in this matter.


OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer

Free tax clinic for staff and students on low income

The following message is being sent on behalf of ACORN, an independent anti-poverty organization that represents low and moderate income families. We advocate for access to affordable housing, safer neighborhoods, and higher standards of living in our communities. ACORN is endorsed by OPSEU 415.

They want to let you know about their Free Tax Clinic that helps low-income families and vulnerable persons file their taxes and avoid the high fees associated with corporate providers.

In order to support this service, they run a cost-recovery Tax Collective, which allows community members who exceed the low income cut-off to file their taxes at a reduced rate.

This is a feel-good tax-filing service where the fees support ACORN’S community development efforts. It provided a more ethical and affordable alternative to corporate providers.

This maybe of particular interest to your students

With tax season fast approaching, individuals may book an appointment with our Tax Collective now  by emailing us at

Fight poverty while getting your taxes done! 

For more information, contact Liam Bedard, Tax Collective Coordinator Ottawa ACORN 404 McArthur Avenue 613-746-5999

Presentation of March 26,2015

If you were not able to make the General Meeting on March 26,2015

Please see the presentation from Kim MacPherson  Benefits counselor

OPSEU Local 415 CAAT Benefits

CAAT Retiree Benefits Brochure

Long Term Disability (LTD) Premium Rate Increase

A message from CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) please read here 

If any questions or concerns, contact information is provided in the  above memo


Petition to expand the CPP/QPP


Petition to expand the CPP/QPP

We need to do something about retirement income. Even bank economists have started to say RRSPs have failed.There’s too much risk and not enough security to ensure that, after a lifetime of work, people can retire and live out their last years in dignity. Too many of today’s seniors live in poverty and too many older workers are realizing their retirement plans have come up short because the investment return were promised never to materialized or they simply could not save enough on their own.The financial services industry pays itself juicy fees to manage your money and that eats up a big part of your retirement  savings-if you have any retirement savings left when you are ready to retire, after  the roller coaster dips and dives of the stock market.

The best way to help today’s workers save enough money for tomorrow is by increasing what everybody gets from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) as a share of their total retirement income.

Expanding the CPP is about preparing for the future, and leaving behind a better system for our kids.

Join thousands of Canadians who are telling their Members of Parliament to increase pension benefits under the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans, and implement a fully funded plan  to phase in such a increase without delay.

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