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Action on Education – this Wednesday, 8-1:30 in J Link

Please stop by the J-link this Wednesday, April 17 between 8:00 am – 1:30 pm to gather information on the Ford Government cuts to education, sign a petition, and connect with Stewards.

Local 415 will be jointly hosting this action with Local 416, the Support Staff union at Algonquin.

Follow this link for more information.

Judy Puritt, Secretary

Chair, Local Mobilizing Team

OPSEU Local 415

College Attempting to Impose ‘Mandatory’ Work without recording the work on a SWF

The local has recently been informed by several members that the college is attempting to impose ‘mandatory’ training upon faculty in the form of a ‘mandatory’ 1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module to be completed before the end of June 2019 without recording the work on a SWF.

If you have already received notification from your manager that you are to complete this module, then I recommend that you reply to your manager’s email in the following manner:

Since this 1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module is ‘mandatory’ training, I request that you SWF me for this training so that I can complete it by the end of June 2019.

If you have already received notification from your manager that you will NOT be SWF’d to complete this module, or s/he refuses to SWF you for the work after asking for the time on your SWF, then I recommend that you reply to your manager’s email in the following manner:

Since you have indicated to me that you will not SWF me for this ‘mandatory’ 1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module, I am forwarding a workload complaint to the WMG.

Then to initiate the WMG, send the local’s Office Administrator, Diane Brule an email as such:

I would like to refer my workload to the WMG because my manager refuses to assign me SWF time so that I can complete the ‘mandatory’  1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module before the end of June 2019

Thank for you taking action on this important matter and defending our Collective Agreement rights.

David Haley, 1st VP

WMG Co-Chair

OPSEU Local 415

April 17 Ottawa Action on Education & Healthcare at MPP Jeremy Roberts Office

Ford’s budget on April 11 could mean more cuts to the programs and public services that working people and their families depend on: health care, education, public services, decent work and healthy communities are all at risk.

The Ontario Federation of Labour has organized a day of action for Wednesday, April 17 2019. As part of this action, there will a rally from 12 pm – 1 pm. at

MPP Jeremy Roberts Office
1580 Merivale Rd
Suite 500
Ottawa, ON

Here is the link to RSVP if you wish to indicate that you are attending.


Finally, here is a link to the OFL province-wed day of action bulleting

OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer

OPSEU Autism Rally-Mar.22

Good morning,

Please find attached here a poster for the upcoming OPSEU “Rally for Children & Families who need quality public Autism Services at CHEO” being held on Friday March 22, 2019 at 3500 Fallowfield Road (outside Lisa MacLeod’s office) from 11:00am to 1:00pm.  Thank you.


In solidarity,

Jennifer Moore

ODLC Administration


The Ottawa and District Labour Council is now on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.  Check us out at  Like us on Facebook at  See us on Flickr at


Student complaint policy SA:03 update

After representing a number of members at student complaint meetings in the fall, I e-mailed the college president in October, 2018 asking her to look into revamping the student complaint directive to incorporate some type of meaningful consequence for students bringing forward false complaints and allegations. I was assured that student services and human resources were “reviewing the relevant policies”.

I’ve also has the opportunity to meet with the ombudsman, George E. Cole, to discuss possible changes to the existing policy. I shared my experiences in representing faculty at several student complaint meetings involving human resources, chairs, and deans. In every instance, the existing policy was not followed, yet the complaints were permitted to proceed. Even more troubling, was the fact that the majority of the complaints were found to have no merit, or were completely fictitious. In a least one case, the students admitted to lying because they were upset with the faculty member.

The current policy needs a mechanism by which students who make false allegations against faculty are subject to penalty. (see SA: 07 Student Conduct) However, in order for any new policy to be effective, the policy needs to be followed in the first place. I’m hopeful that the college will take the suggestions of the union and the ombudsman’s office seriously, and produce a policy that protects faculty while maintaining students’ rights.


I’ll provide more information when it becomes available.


JP Lamarche

Chief Steward, Local 415

Outsourcing of Our Work to Private Colleges

A very serious situation which has the potential to affect our jobs and retirement benefits is currently underway in our college system which requires the need for both DivEx and the Local to provide strong leadership now in anticipation of rocky times ahead with the Ford government.

Currently 6 colleges contract out, to private colleges, the delivery of public college credentials for international students: Lambton, St. Clair, Northern, Cambrian, St. Lawrence and Canadore. After a Divisional lobbying campaign and damning external reports about the risks such arrangements pose, the previous Liberal government announced that it would be phased out. However, it is our understanding that the Ford government has indicated that the outsourcing will now be allowed to continue. Consequently, with DivEx coordination, on February 6, two locals – Canadore and St. Lawrence – have filed OLRB applications “Regarding Employee Status”, essentially making the claim that the workers (support and faculty) at the private colleges belong to our bargaining units because they are delivering our programs.

Combined with teacher-less classes and the Multi-College Collaboration Model, the continued contracting out of faculty work to private colleges or third-party contractors, it is very clear that the Ford government has a very different way of doing business in the province of Ontario. 

The Local will keep you appraised of any new information regarding these important matters and I would ask that you alert the Local if you become aware of any of your work being contracted out so that we can act to protect your work and retirement benefits, now and into the future.

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

By-Election for Second Vice President – OPSEU Local 415 – Personal Biographies of Nominees

As previously communicated, there will be a by-election for the Second Vice President of OPSEU Local 415 at all three campuses. In order to better acquaint you with each of the nominees, they were asked to provide personal biographies to be sent out to all full-time and partial-load faculty.

The attachment contains the personal biographies of the two nominees.

•             Annette Bouzi

•             Tracy Henderson

 The by-election will be held as follows on Wednesday March 13, 2019:

 – Ottawa Campus: Union Faculty Office, C215B, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

 – Pembroke Campus: Room 122, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

 – Perth Campus: Room 108, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Note: Room change)

All full-time and partial-load faculty who are members of the union are eligible to vote. We always welcome new members into OPSEU and membership forms will be available if you are not already a member and wish to sign up.


OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer

Mon., March 11 Local 415 Wellness Table in J-link on Woodroffe campus


This Monday, March 11, between 9:30-2:30 in the J-link on the Woodroffe campus, please take a few minutes to stop at the Local 415 Wellness table. Stewards will be at the table to answer your questions and provide you with some useful handouts about wellness and counsellor services. There will be snacks as well.

Hope to talk to you in person on Monday!

Judy Puritt

Local Mobilizing Team (LMT) Chair

CAAT Pension Plan funded status grows to 120% with benefit security reserves of $2.6 billion

The CAAT Pension Plan stands 120% funded on a going-concern basis, with a funding reserve of $2.6 billion, based on its latest actuarial valuation as at January 1, 2019. This is an improvement over last year’s valuation that showed the Plan 118% funded with a funding reserve of $2.3 billion.

You may read the full article here:

David Haley, 1st VP OPSEU Local 415

CAAT Pension Plan Trustee

Pat Kennedy, President OPSEU Local 415

CAAT Pension Plan Sponsor

Security breach follow-up

The Local has filed a union grievance against the college for a failure to abide by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in relation to the recent security breach. This grievance was filed to protect members whose personal information and data might have been compromised by the phishing attack. The grievance seeks the production of all documentation disclosing which employees have been affected, and seeks damages for any affected employees.

For those members who have already been contacted by the college confirming a breach, we suggest that you contact the Local immediately to review your status and next steps to have the college pay you the damages or the costs of mitigating or avoiding incurring damages arising from the disclosure or unauthorized access.  This includes damages that may be discovered in the future and are caused by the breach but are not yet known or have not yet occurred.

Pat Kennedy, President
OPSEU Local 415

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