February Update

As we continue to keep strict adherence to government guidelines with remote teaching and greatly reduced special on-campus classes the norm, please see a few Local updates below: Successful Demand Setting Meeting & Next StepsLast Thursday’s Demand Setting Meeting was a success. More than 100 members attended our online meeting and many took the virtual […]

February 4 Demand Setting & 2021 Bargaining Video #1

Video thumbnail - Stewards explaining Bargaining 2021

This is a friendly reminder that our Local Demand Setting meeting is scheduled for 4 PM this Thursday, February 4th. If you haven’t yet registered, please register for the meeting providing your non-college e-mail account here. To learn more about the 2021 bargaining process, please watch this video prepared by stewards of our Local. We […]

Local 415 Demand Setting Meeting

Please join us Thursday, February 4 from 4 to 6 p.m. for our Local 415 Demand Setting Meeting. This meeting is a critical opportunity for you to have your voice heard as we set priorities for the 2021 round of collective bargaining. There are some key steps to this process: Please be sure you have completed […]

General Membership Survey of Bargaining Priorities

To inform the process of Local Demand-Setting for the next round of bargaining, you are asked to complete the following survey by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.  This survey is your first chance to communicate your bargaining priorities directly to your Local and the Bargaining Team. It includes many opportunities to provide detailed feedback. Academic employees […]

Bargaining 2021 Bulletin #1

CAAT-a Bulletin Thumbnail

Please see the attached message from our 2021 Bargaining Team. English bulletin – December 2020 French bulletin – December 2020 In solidarity,OPSEU Local 415

Seeking 8 Partial-Load BAC Members

On behalf of the Bargaining Team, the Divisional Executive (DivEx) is inviting Partial-Load members to submit applications for a position on the Bargaining Advisory Committee (BAC). We are looking to fill 8 Partial-Load member positions on the committee. These individuals will sit alongside 24 local delegates (1 delegate from each local) to collectively form the […]

Ford is taking Ontario colleges back to the dark ages

OPSEU filed a second Charter today about the cancellation of the provincial task force, arguing that this cancellation has significantly interfered with OPSEU CAAT-A Charter protected bargaining rights.    https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/thomas-ford-is-taking-ontario-colleges-back-to-the-dark-ages-692476691.html?$G1Ref   RM Kennedy, CAAT-A Divex

{CAATA-Pres} FOR DISTRIBUTION: College Faculty: Update from your bargaining team – Issue #3

Update December 20 read here Dear CAAT-A Faculty: Attached you will find a bulletin that details faculty’s wins in Arbitrator Kaplan’s award which dictates our new Collective Agreement.  This award, from a neutral arbitrator, is a clear vindication that faculty’s vision for the college system is not only reasonable, but necessary for Ontario colleges. Despite Council […]

Tremendous award

Please read here    Today’s award, from a neutral arbitrator, is a clear vindication that faculty’s vision for the college system is not only reasonable, but necessary for Ontario colleges.   Faculty mobilized and stood our ground against an aggressive and intransigent Council team, against a government willing to violate our Charter rights, and we […]

News release on arbitration

As you can see from the attached news releases, we have spent the past few days in mediation, followed by arbitration on December 16.  We are expecting Arbitrator Kaplan’s decision this week. Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work and support.  We are looking forward to seeing Kaplan’s award and we will send […]