Negotiations News #6

Please read the Complete News Letter here French version here See News on…. York University full-time faculty reach a settlement!!!!! Academic freedom and the Workload Task Force Report……. College enrollment continue to rise!!!! No benefit improvements if management has its way…… Partial -Load teachers: a long-standing workload inequity….. Management proposes Classification Task Force…..

Negotiations Update #4

Please read the bulletin¬† information on Workload Task Force Report On Salary and Comparators “Partial -Load” Teachers anything but.. Please click here for the full details

Negotiations Newsletter #3

CAAT Negotiations 1. Bargaining dates have been set 2. Workload Taskforce Report 3. The Precautionary Principle in Health and Safety

Negotiations Newsletter #2

CAAT Negotiations News French Version Please click on above link to read full newsletter Contact Talks set to start in June Please give your Local your secure e-mail address Academic freedom is key to the future success of our Colleges. News on Return to work grievances Salaries must rise toward University comparators. Public Sector Salary […]

Negotiations Newsletter #1

CAATAcNegotiantionsnews_1Apr2909PF See above link for your Newsletter This issue Contains: Workload, Salary and Academic Freedom top priorities Meet your Team Update on Return to work grievances If you have any questions or concerns please contact Pat Kennedy