VOTE NO and REJECT the colleges’ offer

VOTE NO and REJECT the colleges’ offer See Bulletin here The contract offer put forward by the College Employer Council on November 6 is a bad one for faculty – and the students we teach. It entrenches inequity and takes us backwards on academic freedom.  Here’s why all faculty should vote NO: 1.      This offer allows […]

Details of college faculty vote

Attached are the details of next week’s vote. Highlights: METHOD OF LAST OFFER VOTE The vote will be conducted ON-LINE or by TELEPHONE. ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE Eligible voters are those in the Academic unit covering full-time and partial load employees. VOTE DATES The vote period will open from 9.00 a.m. ET on Tuesday November 14, […]

Comparison of Management and Union Offers

Attached is a document that compares the final offer from the Council and the Union’s final offer.  Both offers are also included in the document. Please find the RTW protocol that was included in our offer of Nov. 6, 2017 to management. here  In solidarity, The Bargaining Team  

Strike Bulletin #5

Please see the  strike bulletins. Please Important read this bulletin in full

Update – Why your NO vote is so important.

Why your NO vote is so important. Very soon the strike will be over. It will end in one of three ways. 1.       The parties will return to the table and negotiate a deal that faculty will vote on. 2.       The government will step in and dictate an arbitration of all outstanding issues. 3.       The current employer offer […]

{CAATA-Com} Fwd: {CAATA-Pres} IMPORTANT: Message from Team on Forced Offer Vote

Dear CAAT Academic Faculty, We fully understand your confusion and frustration with the events of yesterday and today.  Please know that your bargaining team remains committed to getting a deal and getting the students back into class as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to get the CEC back to the table to reach the […]

Today’s press conference with College Faculty!

Today’s Bargaining News Conference by the Bargaining Team

Union team calls on faculty to reject colleges’ offer

Toronto – The union for striking Ontario college faculty is calling on its members to reject the colleges’ latest “take it or leave it” offer.