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2019 Winter SWFs

The issuing of SWFs for the next academic semester is once again upon us for 2019W.

If you have any SWF workload questions or issues, even for those who have already signed their 2019W SWFs, please don’t hesitate to contact the local, preferably using your private (non-Algonquin College) email account.

David Haley, WMG Co-Chair

OPSEU Local 415



Advice to members regarding PD

We have been contacted of late by faculty who have expressed concern about PD they have been directed to take by their respective managers.

Please be aware of your rights under the Collective Agreement with respect to PD: Article 11.01 H

11.01 H1: The College shall allow each teacher at least ten working days of professional development in each academic year.

11.01 H2 Un -less otherwise agreed between the teacher and the supervisor, the allowance of ten days shall include one period of  at least five consecutive working days for professional development.

11.01 H3 The arrangements for such professional development shall be made following discussion between the supervisor and the teacher subject to agreement between the supervisor and the teacher, and such agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The intention of PD is that it is faculty driven. If the college offers a PD opportunity, and the faculty member wishes to take it of his or her own choosing,there is no issue.

However, an issue arises when faculty are told to take certain PD. It is no longer faculty driven when it is mandated by the College. The union argues that is no longer PD but assigned work. The option then is for faculty, who do not wish to use up their PD entitlement to do college directed PD, to insist that the college directed PD be acknowledged as assigned work. The significance is that the work must then be noted on your SWF as additional complementary functions on an hour-for hour basis, and your SWF would have to be reviewed to reflect the added activity.

If you have any questions on the matter, please contact the union office at 7716.

Workload Issues

Coordinator’s Workload Spreadsheet

The Coordinator’s Workload Spreadsheet was constructed for the membership as a result of discussions with numerous coordinators who have indicated to the local that their managers do not have an accurate appreciation of the coordinator duties being performed in their departments. While the example spreadsheet of possible duties is non-exhaustive, it should serve as an excellent starting-point to establish SWF complementary hours and to negotiate the level of Coordination Allowance as outlines in article 14.03 A 3 in the Collective Agreement.

Please look  here for the spreadsheet

Note that If your manager does not agree with the duties you are performing, typically because s/he does not want to provide you with the calculated complementary hours on your SWF, then you should ask the manager what s/he does not want you to do,delete the item from the calculation and then discontinue doing the work items.