OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents Algonquin College full-time and partial-load faculty (professors and instructors), cousellors, and librarians.

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Date: 1 October 2009

To: Professors, Instructors, Counsellors, and Librarians (Full-time and Partial Load)

From: Local 415 Electoral Committee

Subject: Local 415 Elections

Term of Office: January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011

Steward nominations close October 23, 2009

Union elections are held in two stages. First is the election of stewards who are nominated and elected by the members of their own campus location. The elected stewards constitute the Local Executive Committee (LEC).

The second stage is the election of officers: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Chief Steward, Secretary, and Treasurer. To be eligible for nomination as an officer, one must have first gotten elected as steward.

The number of stewards is determined by faculty numbers on each campus:

Pembroke 2

Perth 1

Woodroffe 25

Total 28

Six Good Reasons to Run for Steward:

1. No experience is necessary, and you will learn a great deal. Your learning will be supported by experienced members on the Local Executive, to whom you can refer any questions or problems.

2. It is not a major time commitment—minimally, one two-hour meeting per month, and availability to answer or refer your colleagues’ questions. Beyond that, your level of involvement is up to you.

3. You will be actively involved in local decision-making.

4. It is informative—at our monthly meetings, you will find out from other stewards what is going on in other parts of the college.

5. You will earn the gratitude of your departmental colleagues who may come to you for assistance.

6. You will assist in building a strong collaborative organization to represent the voice of faculty.

Nominations must be sent to the Faculty Union Office in C215b by Friday, October 23, 2009.

I,____________________________________, nominate ______________________________________,

to serve as steward for (area)________________________ until December 2011.

Signature of Nominator:___________________________________

I, _________________________________ accept the nomination (Signature of Nominee).

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