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Public Sector Wage Consultation

As you may have heard, the government has announced a consultation through the Treasury Board on how to “manage Ontario public sector compensation growth.” On Friday, April 26 there was a consultation specifically for OPSEU, which included Executive Board Members and Sector Chairs, and on May 3 there was another just for the post-secondary sector.   

The first session began with a government lecture about debt and “unsustainable” wage growth. We believe they are engaging in this consultation to try to insulate themselves against future Charter challenges, although any interference with free and collective bargaining will likely result in labour Charter cases. The entire consultation took 55 minutes. 

The consultations should wind up by late May. Overall, for now, I cannot say they will try to open up collective agreements and interfere with current wages or defined wage increases because this would be the clearest kind of Charter violation. It is more likely that they will impose restrictions on future collective agreements or with regulations. I assume some type of direction from the government will be forthcoming prior to the start of bargaining this fall in the provincial school systems.   I will keep you updated as additional information becomes available.  

On top of the outsourcing of both faculty and counsellors’ work, this is clearly a sign the collective agreement is being scrutinized and provides us with a wakeup call that we need to focus on building strong and engaged locals so we can fight back against further cutbacks that are undoubtedly coming our way.

Finally, CBC News has learned more details about how the Ford government will measure the performance of Ontario’s colleges and universities to determine the total funding they receive. Please see the link below:

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

Notice of General Membership Meeting (GMM) Tuesday, May 14, 2019

General Membership Meeting (GMM)

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Woodroffe Campus Room A154

with teleconference link to Pembroke and Perth

12:00 – 2:00

** Sandwiches and a beverage will be provided **

1. Call to order

2. Statement of Respect

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Approval of the Minutes of May 10, 2018 GMM

5.  Business Arising from May 10, 2018 GMM

6. President’s Update: Pat Kennedy

7. Local 415 Budget: Shawn Pentecost

8. OPSEU Convention 2020 Resolutions

9. Elections

a) Workload Monitoring Group: 2

b) Health and Safety (Woodroffe): 1

d) CAAT Division: 4

e) OPSEU Convention 2020 (May 21 – 23, 2020) 4

f) OPSEU Region 4 Meeting (a Saturday in March 2020): 4

g) OPSEU Area Council (fourth Wednesday evening: September, November, January, March, May): 2

h) ODLC Reps (third Wednesday evening of the month): 1

i) Trustees: 2

10. Adjournment

OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer

Over Deduction of Union Dues


This message is for partial load faculty members who are also members of the support staff local.

On Friday, April 26, 2019 it was brought to the local’s attention that the college has been over deducting provincial dues from members who belong to both the faculty and support staff locals.

A partial load faculty member received the following message from the Workday group when the member inquired.

I can confirm there is an issue with union due deductions when a part time employee is part of both Academic and Support unions. Your union due deductions have been incorrect since the April 5th pay. I am working on a resolution within Workday and will keep you posted.

Shawn Pentecost, Local Treasurer, has made inquiries with HR as to why this has happened, why the college did not inform members and as to when we can we expect this issue to be fixed.

We are awaiting the college’s response. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please stop by the union office or send me an email. For our colleagues in Perth and Pembroke, please speak to Pat Murphy (Perth) or Shawn Pentecost (Pembroke).

As information comes available, I will keep you posted.

In solidarity

Tracy Henderson

Steward, Local 415

1st Alternate, Divisional Executive

Invitation for Algonquin College President and CEO Consultation Survey

Algonquin College’s Chair of the Board of Governors recently announced that Boyden consultants would be retained to assist the college’s search committee with the search for a new President and CEO of Algonquin College.

I spoke with a representative of the firm this morning for close to 50 minutes regarding the hiring of the new College President and the firm closed off the discussion with a request that the local encourage its members to take the survey they have created to gain insight on the criteria you believe would be important in identifying and selecting the new College President.

I encourage you to take the survey by May 2 at the following link:

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

Partial Load Status


As we see the end of the W19 term and look toward S19 I wanted to touch base with you in terms of Partial Load status.

We have seen the college take different approaches throughout departments in relation to PL status.  We ask that you notify the local of any changes to your status, in the S19 loading as well as any trends towards decreasing or removing your PL status for F19.

In solidarity

Tracy Henderson

Steward, Local 415

1st Alternate, Divisional Executive

Supporting our Students – Exam Week Outreach, April 23 in J-link

Local 415 will again be hosting a Student Snack Break Table in J-Link on Tuesday, April 23 from 10 am – 2 pm.

We will offer students a healthy, portable and non-perishable snack to support them during final exam week. Donations of any ‘grab and go’ snacks – such as granola bars, apples, bananas or healthy chips or crackers – are most welcome. Items will be collected in our union office (Room C 215b) on Monday between 8-4 and at the table on Tuesday from 10-2.

Students consistently express gratitude for their faculty support of this initiative.

Judy Puritt, Secretary

Chair, Local Mobilizing Team

OPSEU Local 415

Upcoming Algonquin College Job Opportunities

As you are likely aware, the college has over 50 Full-Time Academic Job postings on their Human Resources website:

I recently came across some college-produced resources that you may find useful if you are applying for any of these positions.

Resumes and Cover Letters:

Interview Skills:

If you apply for any of these positions, please ensure that you indicate that your are an Internal Partial-Load Employee.

You should indicate this if you are currently a Partial-Load Employee or if you had a Partial-Load contract during Fall 2018.

Tracy Henderson,

OPSEU Local 415 Steward

1st Alternate Divisional Executive

Action on Education – this Wednesday, 8-1:30 in J Link

Please stop by the J-link this Wednesday, April 17 between 8:00 am – 1:30 pm to gather information on the Ford Government cuts to education, sign a petition, and connect with Stewards.

Local 415 will be jointly hosting this action with Local 416, the Support Staff union at Algonquin.

Follow this link for more information.

Judy Puritt, Secretary

Chair, Local Mobilizing Team

OPSEU Local 415

College Attempting to Impose ‘Mandatory’ Work without recording the work on a SWF

The local has recently been informed by several members that the college is attempting to impose ‘mandatory’ training upon faculty in the form of a ‘mandatory’ 1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module to be completed before the end of June 2019 without recording the work on a SWF.

If you have already received notification from your manager that you are to complete this module, then I recommend that you reply to your manager’s email in the following manner:

Since this 1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module is ‘mandatory’ training, I request that you SWF me for this training so that I can complete it by the end of June 2019.

If you have already received notification from your manager that you will NOT be SWF’d to complete this module, or s/he refuses to SWF you for the work after asking for the time on your SWF, then I recommend that you reply to your manager’s email in the following manner:

Since you have indicated to me that you will not SWF me for this ‘mandatory’ 1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module, I am forwarding a workload complaint to the WMG.

Then to initiate the WMG, send the local’s Office Administrator, Diane Brule an email as such:

I would like to refer my workload to the WMG because my manager refuses to assign me SWF time so that I can complete the ‘mandatory’  1-hour online Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence orientation module before the end of June 2019

Thank for you taking action on this important matter and defending our Collective Agreement rights.

David Haley, 1st VP

WMG Co-Chair

OPSEU Local 415

April 17 Ottawa Action on Education & Healthcare at MPP Jeremy Roberts Office

Ford’s budget on April 11 could mean more cuts to the programs and public services that working people and their families depend on: health care, education, public services, decent work and healthy communities are all at risk.

The Ontario Federation of Labour has organized a day of action for Wednesday, April 17 2019. As part of this action, there will a rally from 12 pm – 1 pm. at

MPP Jeremy Roberts Office
1580 Merivale Rd
Suite 500
Ottawa, ON

Here is the link to RSVP if you wish to indicate that you are attending.


Finally, here is a link to the OFL province-wed day of action bulleting

OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer

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