Official Website for OPSEU Local 415

We Won’t be needing you anymore?

If you were told that what could you do?

read here your only options

Pre-Strike vote meeting

Come to the meeting on Tuesday January 05, 2010 2:00- 4:00 PMĀ  Room T117

Read here the importance of this meeting

Vote YES on January 13

Stay informed read here the truth about a YES Vote !

Partial Load Questions and Answers

Read here what there is for partial-load teachers in this round of bargaining.

Academic Freedom

Read all about Academic Freedom here

What it is?

Is there a cost to academic freedom?

Is this new for the Colleges, for OPSEU?

January 13, 2010 Vote YES

Read Why Vote Yes on January 13, 2010 here

Workload Task Force

Read bulletin here on What is the Workload Task Force? Who was on it? and many more answers to questions asked.

History of Collective Bargaining

Know your history, read here on the Collective Bargaining and strike Votes.

Why authorize a strike mandate?

Read here your position with and without a strike mandate.

Grievances and Arbitrations under the Imposed Terms and Conditions

Read here how the “imposed terms and conditions ” will impact grievances and arbitration

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