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If you are a FT member, you will find several articles outlining specific leaves in the Collective Agreement.

  • Article 15 Vacations
  • Article 16 Holidays
  • Article 17 Short-Term Disability (STD sick leave)
  • Article 18 Long-Term Disability (LTD sick leave)
  • Family Care Leave (offered outside the Collective Agreement to Algonquin employees – link below)
  • Article 20 Professional Development Leave
  • Article 21 Leave of Absence
  • Article 22 Pregnancy and Parental Leave
  • Article 23 Prepaid Leave


Local 415 members have designated stewards responsible for helping you navigate the workplace accommodations and health considerations process. If you are interested in learning more about accommodation leaves, please contact accommodations@opseulocal415.org speak to any of our accommodation stewards.

In cases where a member has a Family Care obligation, the college varies from the Collective Agreement. Algonquin academic employees can use up to five (5) sick days rather than go without pay.


Full-time employees are entitled to 43 weekdays or a contiguous two-month period of vacation as discussed in Article 15 and Article 16. The period between Christmas and New Year’s is a non-teaching period and not considered part of a vacation period.

Other Leaves

Professional Development (PD) or other leaves include sabbaticals and non-paid leaves. You will find more information about such leaves under Article20 and Article 21. Under Article 20 (PD leaves), the college is obliged to grant access to a PD leave (sabbatical) to bargaining unit members in this manner: a minimum of 2% of FT members with 6+ years experience and an additional 1% of FT members with 15+ years experience.

If more than eligible numbers apply for leave in a given year, preference will be given on a seniority/service basis and with consideration to their last leave. Under Article 21 (Leaves of Absence), the college will proceed as guided by the Collective Agreement for health, personal, religious, bereavement, jury duty, etc.

Partial-Load Leaves

Partial-load members accumulate sick leave and can claim sick days. (See Article 26 and/or contact Martin Lee via partialload@opseulocal415.org)

Partial-Load Professional Development

Partial-load members may be eligible for some tuition-reduced opportunities for PD. (See Article 26 and/or contact Martin Lee via partialload@opseulocal415.org)

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