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May 19, 2011 CAAT Pension Plan Presentation

There will be an OPSEU Local 415 (Faculty)-sponsored presentation by the CAAT Pension Plan on Thursday May 19, 2011 in Room P311 at 1:00. This 90-minute presentation is specifically for those in the last ten to fifteen years of their employment. Following the presentation, individual representatives will meet one -on- oneĀ  in ten minute sessions to review pension estimates for those who would like one. To book a consultation, which will be scheduled after 2:30, please contact the faculty union office at 7716 and provide your name and anticipated date of retirement ( in the absence of a date, the Pension Plan reps will assume December 31, 2011). To reserve an appointment for the one-on-one meetings,please contact the union office by Thursday, May 5,2011. No appointment is required to attend the presentation.

Jack Wilson

1st VP, OPSEU Local 415

Tax fairness letter from OPSEU President to the Ontario Premier

Please see here ,attached letter from OPSEU President Smokey Thomas concerning tax fairness and the protection of public services in Ontario

Excess vacation leave advise

We have had a number of recent inquiries by members concerning requests by the College to have the members use up their excess annual leave by March 2012.

Our advise to members is that you identify the days you wish to take the leave which can include SWF time. We are aware of a number of faculty who have had no difficulty using their excess leave during SWF periods as well as during non-SWF periods.

If your request to take the leave is denied and/or the manager dictates the days to be taken without taking into consideration your selection of dates, please contact the union, and we will assist accordingly.

Pat Kennedy

President Local 415