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Academic Negotiations 2012- Bargaining Update

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College faculty request concliator as contract talks stall

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(TORONTO – July 19, 2012) – The union representing more than 10,000 community college faculty has requested the services of a Ministry of Labour conciliator as contract talks with management have come to a standstill.
“Management is telling us they want a deal by the time our contract expires on Aug. 31, but the evidence of that is quite the contrary based on what is not happening in negotiations,” said Carolyn Gaunt, co-chair of the bargaining team. Faculty are members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.
“Negotiators for the colleges have flatly rejected virtually every proposal we have put forward and they absolutely refuse to table their complete offer,” added Gaunt. “Under these circumstances we have no alternative but to ask the Ministry to assign a conciliator to get talks moving.”
Key issues for the union include academic freedom, online teaching and fair treatment for part-time faculty.
The two sides are scheduled to meet next on Aug. 14.
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Greg Hamara,
OPSEU Communications

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