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Notice of Local 415 Annual General Meeting Thursday May 12 at noon

Annual General meeting Thursday, May 12, 2016 Woodroffe Campus Room B170 with teleconference link to Pembroke and Perth  12:00-2:00

** Sandwiches and coffee will be provided **

***Those in attendance are eligible for door prizes***

  1. Call to order Present
  2. Statement of Respect
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Approval of the Minutes of May 14,2015 AGM
  5. Business Arising from May 14,2015 AGM
  6. Report on Labour relations at the College: Pat Kennedy
  7. Local 415 Budget: Shawn Pentecost
  8. OPSEU Convention 2017 Resolutions
  9. Elections    a) Workload Monitoring Group :1 b) College Employment Stability Committee:2 c) Health and Safety (Woodroffe):1 d) OPSEU Convention 2017:3 e) OPSEU Regional 2017:3
  10. New Business
  11. Adjournment