Faculty response to request for assistance in calling campaign

We have become aware that managers have been sending out requests to various faculty members to participate in a calling campaign to new potential students. We are concerned for two reasons: one, this is work that belongs to the support staff bargaining unit which should be respected; two, faculty are feeling pressured to volunteer. Our […]

Information on Bargaining

Attached please find the following information on bargaining Barg.2017 FAQ EN Final      A bargaining FAQ Visio-Drawing CCBA 2017      A flowchart describing the bargaining process Short History Bargaining Final  A short history of each CAAT-A bargaining cycle to date Barg. Under th CCBA Narrative Final A narrative the describes each stage identified on […]

New bargaining information and brochure for all faculty

Dear college faculty members, We head into collective agreement negotiations with the colleges this summer. As we look ahead, we know that we face some significant challenges to creating a better environment for both students and faculty. We know, right now, 70 per cent of faculty are working in precarious, under-paid contract positions. When we […]

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