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Supporting our Students – Exam Week Outreach, April 23 in J-link

Local 415 will again be hosting a Student Snack Break Table in J-Link on Tuesday, April 23 from 10 am – 2 pm.

We will offer students a healthy, portable and non-perishable snack to support them during final exam week. Donations of any ‘grab and go’ snacks – such as granola bars, apples, bananas or healthy chips or crackers – are most welcome. Items will be collected in our union office (Room C 215b) on Monday between 8-4 and at the table on Tuesday from 10-2.

Students consistently express gratitude for their faculty support of this initiative.

Judy Puritt, Secretary

Chair, Local Mobilizing Team

OPSEU Local 415

Upcoming Algonquin College Job Opportunities

As you are likely aware, the college has over 50 Full-Time Academic Job postings on their Human Resources website:

I recently came across some college-produced resources that you may find useful if you are applying for any of these positions.

Resumes and Cover Letters:

Interview Skills:

If you apply for any of these positions, please ensure that you indicate that your are an Internal Partial-Load Employee.

You should indicate this if you are currently a Partial-Load Employee or if you had a Partial-Load contract during Fall 2018.

Tracy Henderson,

OPSEU Local 415 Steward

1st Alternate Divisional Executive