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Welcome and Congratulations on becoming Full-Time Faculty

Welcome and Congratulations on becoming Full-Time Faculty

Everyone who becomes full-time is automatically a member of the academic bargaining unit and automatically pays Union dues. What isn’t automatic is membership in the Union. That requires a formal application by each new employee. There is no additional fee for joining. More importantly, membership gives you a voice and a vote at all membership meetings and to hold office as a Union Steward.

As such, attached is a Union membership card which I ask you to complete if you are not already a member of the Union, and return to the Union office (C215b) or you can scan and email it to

For faculty who are not currently members of the CAAT Pension Plan, or wish to transfer previous service from a pension plan into the CAAT Pension Plan before the next pay increase in October, please contact David Haley 1st VP, who is a CAAT Pension Plan Trustee (

I would also like to remind you about scheduling an appointment to have your SWF and initial Salary Calculation completed if you have not already had the opportunity to do so.

Finally, if you require any further information, please drop by the Union Office C215b (Woodroffe) or contact Pat Murphy (Perth) or Shawn Pentecost (Pembroke) or call 7716. The local’s website ( also contains valuable information that you may find very useful.

Best wishes for a very successful 2019 Fall semester.

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415


Contract Faculty Poster

Important: Petition Action to Support Contract Faculty – Please sign and share

We hope this finds you well and ready for the coming year. The Divisional Executive has been working steadily on several issues this summer, but the most pressing is the ongoing fight to protect the gains from our last round of bargaining.

As we all know, we’ve been facing a worsening crisis in post-secondary education with the election of the Ford government. His continued attacks on students and precarious faculty, while deeply unpopular, are continuing. The gains we made ensuring equal pay for equal work and paid sick days for our contract faculty have been rolled back via Bill 47, and some colleges are rescinding the modest gains that took contract faculty wages up to the rate of their partial load colleagues’ wages.

Most disturbing is that the College Employer Council (CEC) is using all means available to block the contract faculty vote to unionize from being counted, including spending impossible sums of money querying every single ballot in order to delay and stall the process. If we cannot move this organizing drive forward, our next round of bargaining becomes that much harder for FT and PL faculty.

We need your help right now to push back. If we have learned nothing else this past year, it’s that the Ford government caves to public pressure.

OPSEU, together with our allies in 15 & Fairness, has launched the following electronic petition which will be delivered to the College Employer Council, and the Presidents and Board of Governors at all the Colleges. A message will go to all members from OPSEU centrally later today.




In solidarity,

The CAAT-A DivEx 

RM, Martin, Heather, JP, Pearline