14 week semester/annual leave/partial-load/apprenticeship

We have received feedback from a number of faculty that have been involved in some preliminary discussions in their departments. It isn’t clear at this time that all areas will have changes to the traditional annual leave period of July/August. The assignment of courses varies from area to area as well. I have previously indicated […]

Welcome and Congratulations on becoming Full-Time Faculty

Welcome and Congratulations on becoming Full-Time Faculty Everyone who becomes full-time is automatically a member of the academic bargaining unit and automatically pays Union dues. What isn’t automatic is membership in the Union. That requires a formal application by each new employee. There is no additional fee for joining. More importantly, membership gives you a […]

Important: Petition Action to Support Contract Faculty – Please sign and share

We hope this finds you well and ready for the coming year. The Divisional Executive has been working steadily on several issues this summer, but the most pressing is the ongoing fight to protect the gains from our last round of bargaining. As we all know, we’ve been facing a worsening crisis in post-secondary education […]

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