An update from your Bargaining team: Arbitrator awards improvements far beyond those offered by Employer in negotiations

On September 23, Arbitrator William Kaplan awarded all OPSEU/SEFPO College Faculty members a new collective agreement that will govern our working conditions until September 30, 2024.   This award (linked here) includes significant gains in areas including equity, indigenization and partial-load job security, and acknowledges workload associated with multi-modal courses.   Click here to download […]

Gains from the 2022 Kaplan Award

By now, you have likely seen Arbitrator Kaplan’s decision, released on Friday afternoon.  It concludes this round of bargaining, which lasted 15 months, in the middle of a pandemic and under the wage constraints of Bill 124. We have much to be proud of, including having achieved a concession-free agreement, with gains for our collective […]

Kaplan Bargaining Award Decision Published

15 months after our Collective Agreement negotiations began, and six months after the parties agreed to conclude the negotiations through a process of interest arbitration, Arbitrator William Kaplan has today released his award that determines our new Collective Agreement, which will be in force until September 30, 2024 Please find his award, which identifies the […]

September Update

We hope that your academic year is off to a smooth start. Local 415 recently held two successful general membership meetings (June and September), where faculty were invited to ask questions, voice concerns and vote on issues. Among the issues voted on was a reduction in dues, which you should have seen on your September […]

Bargaining Update

OPSEU CAAT-A and the CEC participated in a mediation/arbitration September 7-9, 2022. Following the mediation part of the proceeding, an arbitration occurred on September 9, 2022. The arbitrator’s award will form the new collective agreement and it is anticipated that it will be received shortly. The arbitrator has imposed a continued media blackout until the […]

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