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December 2020 Local Lines

Jordan Berard, Editor of the Local Lines newsletter, invites you to review the final 2020 issue.

October 2020 Local Lines

New editor Jordan Berard invites you to review the October 2020 issue of Local Lines.

Local Lines October 2019

Please follow the link to read the October 2019 issue of Local Lines.

Local Lines May 2019 Issue

Be sure to review the May 2019 issue of Local Lines before heading off for the summer.

Catch up on Local Lines – Feb’19

Download your latest February 2019 issue of Local Lines.

Local Lines — Special Issue for partial-load faculty

The attached issue of Local Lines is a special issue for the partial-load faculty at Algonquin.

As well, please find an accompanying union membership form if you have not already completed such a form. There is no additional cost to join the union. The completed from can be dropped off at the union office, C215b.

Jack Wilson

First Vice President and Editor, Local Lines

December issue of Local Lines: Post-strike issue

On behalf of the Local Executive Committee, thank your for your solidarity and perseverance these last few months in securing a better collective agreement. Attached you will find a commemorative issue of Local Lines. Have a well-deserved break with your family and friends and all the best for 2018.

Issue here

Local Lines June 2017 is now available for reading

Please click here for June 2017 Local Lines

Faculty Corner March April 2017

There was an error in the February issue of Local Lines regarding the March PD offerings at the college. We apologize for any confusion this may of caused. Here is the correct college PD offerings for the month of March as well as for the month of April.


New Local Lines issue

Please read here

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