Local Lines 2019 Calendar

Good day! Attached are two version of Local Lines 2019 Calendar. If you would like to print a wall/binder copy of the calendar, download and print  Local Lines 2019 Calendar – Wall or Binder.pdf If you would like to print a booklet form of the calendar, download and print Local Lines 2019 Calendar – Booklet.pdf […]

Local Lines — Special Issue for partial-load faculty

The attached issue of Local Lines is a special issue for the partial-load faculty at Algonquin. As well, please find an accompanying union membership form if you have not already completed such a form. There is no additional cost to join the union. The completed from can be dropped off at the union office, C215b. […]

December issue of Local Lines: Post-strike issue

On behalf of the Local Executive Committee, thank your for your solidarity and perseverance these last few months in securing a better collective agreement. Attached you will find a commemorative issue of Local Lines. Have a well-deserved break with your family and friends and all the best for 2018. Issue here