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College Academic Council Election Notice Spring 2009

Date: 23 June 2009

To: All Professors, Instructors, Librarians, and Counsellors

From: Jack Wilson, Vice President. OPSEU Local 415

Subject: College Academic Council Elections

The following faculty have been elected or acclaimed:

1. Hospitality and Tourism — Enrico De Francesco

2. Business — Glenda Checkley

3. Media and Design — Don Crockford

4. Health and Community Studies — Leigh Ridgway

5. Counsellors — Jane Hunt

6. Advanced Technology — John Tappin

7. Part-time Studies — Laura Vernon

8. Career and Academic Access Centre — Jean Timbury

9. Perth — Andy Cockburn

10.Transportation and Building Trades¬†— Roger Davey


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Workload, Salary and Academic Freedom top priorities

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Update on Return to work grievances

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