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People for Corporate Tax Cuts

Please read here the following message from our union president, Smokey Thomas, concerning the proposed tax cuts by the Ontario government.

Workload Issues

Coordinator’s Workload Spreadsheet

The Coordinator’s Workload Spreadsheet was constructed for the membership as a result of discussions with numerous coordinators who have indicated to the local that their managers do not have an accurate appreciation of the coordinator duties being performed in their departments. While the example spreadsheet of possible duties is non-exhaustive, it should serve as an excellent starting-point to establish SWF complementary hours and to negotiate the level of Coordination Allowance as outlines in article 14.03 A 3 in the Collective Agreement.

Please look  here for the spreadsheet

Note that If your manager does not agree with the duties you are performing, typically because s/he does not want to provide you with the calculated complementary hours on your SWF, then you should ask the manager what s/he does not want you to do,delete the item from the calculation and then discontinue doing the work items.

The Best Gift you can give your Family

Please read here about the best gift to give and attend  the information sessions on

Tuesday Jan.04,2011 at noon, 12:00 in B185

Wednesday Jan.05, 2011 at 10:00 AM in B185

Thursday Jan.06,2011 at 1:00PM in B185