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Ottawa Citizen: Men-only college in Saudi Arabia appears to violate Algonquin’s hiring policies

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Globe and Mail Editorial: Why are Ontario college furthering gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia?

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Centennial College to scrap Saudi training program / Toronto Star

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Drug Benefits in Quebec RAMQ Info

The Local has just been made aware of a change in drug coverage for members who live in Quebec as detailed here Drug Benefits in Quebec  Drug Benefits in Quebec FR

Please do not hesitate to contact Kim MacPherson at OPSEU for further information/assistance in this matter.


OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer

January 21,2016 WMG Update to Faculty

This is a new feature initiated by the local in order to update faculty on a more regular basis regarding workload assignments across the college so that all faculty are equitably treated by their managers. the driving force behind this particular report is the college’s assignment of Professional Development.

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OPSEU Local 415 Communications officer

OPSEU President calls on Ontario government to provide answers on college involvement in Saudi Arabia

Toronto Jan.12,2016/CNW/-As more facts come to light on Algonquin College’s questionable presence in Saudi Arabia, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is seeking answers from Training, Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi.

“Each passing day brings more troubling revelations about Algonquin’s business dealings in Saudi Arabia. I first wrote Premier Kathleen Wynne on this matter 10 months ago. I’m still waiting for an answer. In fact, there hasn’t been one word from this government about its colleges’ deals with the Saudis.

No doubt, the Liberals have been crossing their fingers that this would all blow over so they could just carry on starving community colleges. But with their federal cousins determined to sell arms to a regime that beheads its oppositions, the inconvenient question of doing business with the Saudi Arabia isn’t going away.”

Jack Wilson, Vice-President of OPSEU Local 415 and a professor at Algonquin, noted that the international conglomerate Pearson TQ had already pulled out of three campuses for financial reasons.”it makes you wonder why a publicly funded institution thinks it can make a go of it, when a for-profit can see the writing on the wall.”

Thomas said it’s high time the government broke its silence. “it appears that Algonquin failed in its due diligence. What about ministry staff? Did they ask the pertinent questions?  Did they inform the minister of the Saudi deals? Who gave the green light? ”

“What will Minister Moridi do now? Will he tell Algonquin and Niagara to shutter their doors in Saudi Arabia? Will the Liberals stop forcing Ontario’s colleges to seek revenue sources through offshore boondoggles? Or will they adequately fund our college so they can focus on providing the skills that bring jobs and prosperity to the province?”

“How many mass executions will it take to bring our college faculty back to Ontario?”

Source Ontario Public Employees Union OPSEU

For further information: Jack Wilson, 613-727-4723 ext.7716

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OPSEU president calls on Algonquin College to quit Saudi Arabia

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OPSEU president calls on Algonquin College to quit Saudi Arabia Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Free tax clinic for staff and students on low income

The following message is being sent on behalf of ACORN, an independent anti-poverty organization that represents low and moderate income families. We advocate for access to affordable housing, safer neighborhoods, and higher standards of living in our communities. ACORN is endorsed by OPSEU 415.

They want to let you know about their Free Tax Clinic that helps low-income families and vulnerable persons file their taxes and avoid the high fees associated with corporate providers.

In order to support this service, they run a cost-recovery Tax Collective, which allows community members who exceed the low income cut-off to file their taxes at a reduced rate.

This is a feel-good tax-filing service where the fees support ACORN’S community development efforts. It provided a more ethical and affordable alternative to corporate providers.

This maybe of particular interest to your students

With tax season fast approaching, individuals may book an appointment with our Tax Collective now  by emailing us at

Fight poverty while getting your taxes done! 

For more information, contact Liam Bedard, Tax Collective Coordinator Ottawa ACORN 404 McArthur Avenue 613-746-5999