Employee Engagement Survey

The college has extended the deadline for the Employee Engagement Survey to December 17th. We would encourage you to complete the survey, as this is an opportunity for you to provide feedback to the college about a variety of topics contained in the survey. Pat Kennedy                                     Enrico De Francesco President, Local 415                       Board […]

Workday problems with partial-load sick leave hours

Further to the e-mail that I sent you regarding Workday problems with pension and union deductions, we have now discovered problems with partial-load sick leave hours. As the college has not provided us with a list of names of partial-load faculty who may be affected, we would ask you to review your pay statements and […]

College audit of union dues and pension plan contributions

Last week, I received the two attached memos from the college advising me that the Workday system has been either over-deducting, or under-deducting (or possible not deducting) union dues and/or pension contributions for many members. The memos outline the number of full-time faculty impacted. They also state that the number of other than full-time staff […]

Local 415 Election Update

Sisters and brothers Due to a voter irregularity at the Perth campus, that campus will have to re run its election as I am unable to determine a successful candidate. We had at least one person believed to be a member vote who was not eligible. After I checked their status with the college, the […]