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Local working with college to address Workday data issues

After weeks of meeting, I reached out to Claude Brule, and suggested that the Local lend its expertise in dealing with data to assist the college in identifying and correcting problems.

The Local and the college have committed to working together to address a number of serious issues that have come to light because of the problems with Workday.

David Haley (1st VP), JP Lamarche (Chief Steward), and the Local’s office administrator, Diane Brule, will be working closely with their college counterparts to assess and correct problems with data that affects employee classification, sick leave, union dues, pension, benefits, partial-load registry, seniority, and eligibility for job competitions.

Correct data is especially important for full-time members of the bargaining unit in terms of program costing, and employment stability issues at the College Employment Stability Committee (CESC).

We’re hopeful that this collaboration will help in identifying existing errors, and preventing future errors from occurring. I’ll update you as the process progresses.

Pat Kennedy,

President, Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 Steward Election – Perth Campus – Friday January 31, 2020

Sisters and brothers,

Local 415 will be conducting an election for one steward position at the Perth Campus. As you may recall the local held an election on November 20th, however I was unable to determine a successful candidate in the election because we had at least one person believed to be a member vote who was not eligible. After I checked their status with the college, the college confirmed the error and stated there were more errors because of inaccuracies on the voters list provided by to the Union by the Employer.

Due to these unfortunate events, the local will be conducting another election on January 31st, 2020.

In order to prevent the same issue of inaccurate lists I will be confirming members who are partial load or who are unsure of their status at the polling station. If you are partial load or believe you are partial load at the time of the vote in order to confirm you are in good standing with the local, you will be required to provide your pay statement to show Union dues deductions as well as hours worked. Your pay statement will need to show your name and employee number as well. If you wish to blackout other areas, you may. If you are partial load or believe you are partial load and you do not provide a pay statement, I will have to segregate your ballot and then confirm your status afterwards which may take days or weeks.

The process will be as usual for all other members who require to be a signed member of the Union in order to vote. If you have not signed a union membership card you can do so at the polling station.

Date: Friday, January 31, 2020

– Perth Campus: Room 101, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

 The following members were nominated:

  • Michael Bays
  • Pat Murphy

Note that should any of the nominees wish to withdraw their nomination prior to the election, they should contact me directly via email ( to do so.

All Perth Campus full-time faculty and partial-load faculty who are members of the union are eligible to vote.

In solidarity

Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Rep and

Electoral Officer for Local 415

Workday Problems – Review of Partial Load Sick Leave Hours

Given the numerous problems with Workday, we are asking all non-full time faculty who were partial-load in the fall of 2019, or who think they were partial-load, to make an appointment to come by the union office (C215b) to review sick leave hours on Workday.

Partial-load faculty earn sick leave hours per month based on the number of teaching contact hours. These hours also carry over from semester to semester.

It would be helpful to bring your laptop in order to review this information. Please contact the union office at ext. 7716 and ask for Tracy Henderson.

Pat Kennedy

President, Local 415