Local Election Results

Sisters and brothers I wanted to announce the following officers as elected to your executive. Today 433 members voted in the election. Annette Bouzi is your local president David Haley is your 1st vice president Enrico DeFrancesco is your 2nd vice president Pat Kennedy is your chief steward Shawn Pentecost is your treasurer Judy Puritt […]

Notice of OPSEU 415 Elections

Nominations have closed for the officer positions for OPSEU Local 415. The following positions have been acclaimed: Chief Steward: Pat Kennedy Secretary: Judy Puritt There will be an election for four positions. President: Annette Bouzi and JP Lamarche First Vice President: David Haley and Michael Nauth Second Vice President: Enrico Defrancesco and Ken Hill Treasurer: Martin […]

Equitable workload and summer rotation

As a follow up to Pat and David’s discussions with the president and vice-president academic, Enrico and I have raised a number of examples of the types of proposed spring workload inconsistencies that we are hearing about from faculty. We indicated that there is an overwhelming sense of frustration by faculty about how workload and […]

Revised Nomination Form

Brothers and Sisters In order to provide more clarity on the nomination ballot, I would ask that you use the following updated version instead of the one originally attached to the Announcement for OPSEU Local 415 Election of Officers: I, nominate  _______________________________ (Name of Nominee) for the position of  __________________________ (Name of Position)  _________________________________________ (Name […]

Announcement for OPSEU Local 415 Election of Officers

As the electoral officer, I am pleased to announce the Election of Officers for OPSEU Local 415. The Steward list below are the people who are eligible to be nominated for any of the six officer positions: President First Vice President Second Vice President Chief Steward Treasurer Secretary Nominations are open until Tuesday, February 11, […]

Perth Result

Hello sisters and brothers, I would like to announce that Pat Murphy has been elected as the steward at the Perth campus.  Thank you to all members who participated. In solidarity, Nelson Ross Laguna Staff Representative Ontario Public Service Employees Union Ottawa Regional Office 18447651416

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