Equitable workload and summer rotation

OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents Algonquin College full-time and partial-load faculty (professors and instructors), cousellors, and librarians.

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As a follow up to Pat and David’s discussions with the president and vice-president academic, Enrico and I have raised a number of examples of the types of proposed spring workload inconsistencies that we are hearing about from faculty. We indicated that there is an overwhelming sense of frustration by faculty about how workload and annual leave is being assigned by managers. We’ve expressed to both Claude and Chris, our concerns about how these inconsistencies, and apparent inequities in workload are affecting faculty morale, and creating tension with departments.

The other item that we raised is the use of seniority in the assignment of annual leave on a rotational basis. There is confusion as to how seniority is, or is not being used when determining summer rotation. Some areas have no rotation, some are using a two year model, and other areas are following a five year model. In addition to being an equity issue, faculty who have children are feeling particularly anxious about needing to rethink their entire family lives because of the change in teaching schedules.

Enrico and I will keep you posted about any new developments.

JP Lamarche, Chief Steward, Local 415   Enrico DeFrancesco, Board of Governors Faculty Representative  

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