Bargaining Update: 29 October 2021

Message from the Bargaining Team: We have heard from a number of you asking questions about what’s next, now that mediation has failed. Your bargaining team met today with the Local Presidents and Bargaining Advisory Committee.  We discussed the mediator’s report, the faculty team’s offer of settlement, and sought direction on next steps.  The Local […]


It is with great disappointment and frustration that we report to you that mediation has failed.  Attached is the final report of the mediator, along with the offer of settlement we tabled during mediation.   We absolutely disagree with the finding of the mediator’s report, most of which paints the faculty bargaining team as recalcitrant and unreasonable, as well […]

Fall Mid-Semester Update

It has been a busy fall, during another challenging academic year. As we turn our minds to the next half of the semester and plans for Winter 2022, we know that there will be more challenges ahead. Below are some important union updates to ensure you stay informed. Recent Successes Meetings: We have hosted a […]

Video Share & Meeting Wednesday 27 October

One thing that contract faculty are aware of is the precarious nature of work. Semester to semester, not knowing if you will get another contract contributes to a heavy burden of stress. Importantly, this is a phenomenon which spans North America, and which has received the attention of documentarians. OPSEU Local 415 has secured access […]

Partial-Load October News

Hopefully, the beginning of the Fall semester has been smooth, and you are now settled down into a familiar pattern of work.Please review the critical items below, acting as needed: The Partial-Load Registry. You must register on this list annually. The registration deadline is October 29th (the last business day in October). Access the Partial-Load Registry here. Even if […]