Kaplan Award on Remainder (Improvements to Benefits)

Arbitrator William Kaplan issued an award on September 23rd, 2022, which resulted in a new Collective Agreement (CA) with significant improvements for our members. Most of that CA became effective immediately on the date of Kaplan’s award. There has been one key outstanding issue and a resolution has, unfortunately, not come easily. The College Employer  […]

November 2022 – Local Lines is out!

The November 2022 edition of Local Lines – our Local 415 newsletter – is now available.  Many thanks to all who contributed to this issue. In solidarity, Jordan BerardLocal 415 Steward and Local Lines Editor

COVID-19 self assessment

As the cold weather and flu season approach, we wanted to send a gentle reminder about the importance of self-assessment before coming to campus. Attached is a memorandum from Risk Management sent September 1st which provides guidance on this important issue. If you would like to wear a mask while on campus, the Local has several, made-in-Canada […]

What can you do to support CUPE Education Workers?

As you have likely heard, the government has taken the undemocratic step of rushing to pass Bill-28, which would prevent some 55,000 CUPE education workers from going on strike tomorrow. This is an attack on all workers and a dangerous signal of things that might come in the future. As a sign of solidarity, the […]