Article in the Toronto Sun from Andre Martin

OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents Algonquin College full-time and partial-load faculty (professors and instructors), cousellors, and librarians.

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Dear Editor of the Toronto Sun

RE: College president raises grotesque and obscene

Mr. Martin has accurately captured the very serious concerns over both the process and the outcome of the proposed wage increases for college executives. Proposing double digit increases when the colleges are crying poor to their employees while raising tuition fees for students demonstrates very poor judgement for which the colleges have been rightly chastised. However, in diminishing the education college students receive (“Think advanced word processing…’). Mr. Martin fails to appreciate the fact Algonquin offers over 180 programs of varying complexity that include not only trades but diploma programs (indeed, a number of our graduates work for the Sun) and degree granting programs as well. If Mr. Martin would like to take a tour of the college, we would welcome the opportunity to introduce him to the proud students and faculty at our three campuses.

Pat Kennedy Local OPSEU 415


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