Revised Message #3: Local demand-set – another issue to consider for February 20th

OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents Algonquin College full-time and partial-load faculty (professors and instructors), cousellors, and librarians.

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Our Local demand-set meeting is approaching — here is another issue to consider.

Did you know that Partial-Load colleagues can be assigned to teach twice as many students as their full-time counterparts without any corresponding increase in pay?

For full-time teaching faculty, the Standard Workload Formula (or “SWF”, a hard-fought gain of our 1984 job action) takes into account the number of students in a class – more students equals more time allocated to their work week. There is no equivalent mechanism available to Partial-Load faculty. Imagine teaching the exact same course as your peers, but doing twice as much grading, feedback, out of class assistance, and supporting accommodation requirements?

There needs to be a SWF equivalent for Partial-Load faculty to ensure that equal work is recognized for them.

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In solidarity,
Your Local 415 Leadership Team
Annette Bouzi, President
Judy Puritt, First Vice-President
Ala’ Qadi, Second Vice-President
Tracy Henderson, Chief Steward
Martin Lee, Secretary
Shawn Pentecost, Treasurer

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