Officer Elections

Below are the submitted campaign material for the 2024 Officer Election. This page will be updated as additional campaign material becomes available.

Tracy Henderson

Tracy Henderson for President

Over the last term I have had the privilege to serve the local as our chief steward.  In this role I have supported and advocated for members on an individual basis addressing workload and accommodation issues, issues facing our partial-load members and navigating the grievance process, when necessary, through to arbitration.  In addition to I have had the opportunity to engage our college on issues that affect our broader membership.

My diverse experience has included actively participating and engaging in local and provincial committees such as the WMG, the Joint Grievance Scheduling Committee as well as serving as a member of the Divisional Executive bringing a provincial lens to issues facing our membership.

I believe that our union is for everyone.

Please plan on attending our GMM on Wednesday, May 29th from 2-4pm I am seeking your support and asking that you please vote Tracy Henderson for President of Local 415.

United. Together. For Faculty

Yours in Solidarity,

Tracy Henderson

Judy Puritt

Judy Puritt for First Vice-President

Judy Puritt is a full-time communications faculty member and coordinator of English in the School of Business and Hospitality, as well as a steward in Local 415, and has been First VP since December 2021. Over the past several years, her roles and responsibilities in Local 415 have shown a consistent member-focused approach. Many will recognize Judy as a union activist, in part, because she’s been a steward since 2007!

Since those early days as a steward, Judy has been active on various special union projects including working on salary calculations, conducting leadership reviews, writing articles for Local Lines, participating in committees, and attending regional and provincial OPSEU meetings. Then, in the 2015, Judy became Local Secretary, a position she held through until becoming First VP in December 2021. In addition, Judy was a picket captain in 2017, took on the role of Local Lines Editor in 2018, led a website renewal project in 2019, became the WMG co-chair in 2022, and for August 2023, helped update the Local By-laws.

Always, Judy’s goal is and continues to be focused on serving the membership. She has supported individuals with numerous work-related questions and advocated for members at meetings with managers, grievance meetings, and WMGs. Through various committees, she engages in regular dialogues with the college over matters such as encouraging formal acknowledgement of academic renewal time, better defining coordinator roles, engaging in labour relations discussion, and participating on selection committees. Sitting down with members to hear and respond to concerns, as well as bringing those matters forward to the college, is central to Judy’s approach. Quite simply, she believes that without members, without you, there is no union.

United. Together. For Faculty. Please support Judy Puritt as your renewed First VP.

Martin Lee

Martin Lee for Second Vice-President

As a member of the college community for some 11 years, I wear many hats: professor of biochemistry, member of the Learner Driven Plan committee, former chair of the College Academic Council, and former member of the Inclusion and Diversity Circle. I’m also active with many other groups on campus.

Many folks know me for the work I do currently with the union, under the portfolio of Secretary. Much of what I have strived to do is leverage the power of data and information to ensure participation of as many of our membership as possible. This is the lens I am committed to bring to the role of Second Vice President – using data and information to bring a lens of equity to all faculty members, Counselors, Librarians, Partial Load and Full Time Professors and Instructors. Most recently I have represented Algonquin College on the Joint Grievance Scheduling Committee, the Provincial Workload Taskforce, and now the Bargaining Team for 2024.

I am asking for your support for me to vote for me in the role of second vice president, to dedicate more time to the representation work I have been doing and look forward to continuing. I appreciate all the support that has been offered and am grateful for the opportunity and faith that people have given to me going forward.

Saif Terai

Saif Terai for Treasurer

As a full time faculty member since 2001 and a steward for the past two terms I feel honored to serve the members for another term. I have represented the union in the R3 steering committee to witness the development of the software. Participating in hiring committees has given me an opportunity to uphold the high standards of the hiring process. Having authored two books on the courses that I teach, I have familiarized myself with the licensing procedure for Open Education Resources (OER) and I am one of the OER Rangers for Algonquin College. I have used this opportunity to further the cause to protect intellectual property and bring awareness to faculty on obtaining a license for their work. During my professional career I have developed Accounting Software for housing construction companies among other systems software development.

Elisabeth (Liz) von Moos

Liz von Moos for Secretary

A Faculty member since 2010, and full-time since 2014, it has been my privilege to serve as a steward for the last six years. I have supported members through the workload monitoring group and salary calculation reviews, helping ensure fairness in workloads and initial step placements, and I am frequently a member of hiring committees, ensuring fairness in the hiring process. More recently I joined the Bargaining Advisory Committee, taking on an organizing and mobilizing role as we head into the next round of bargaining. Going forward, I will also be supporting members with accommodations, a role I am very much looking forward to. I have also represented our Local at CAAT-A divisional and demand-set meetings and together with members from other Locals have been working in support of gender pay equity.

I would be honoured to continue the incredible work the current leadership team has been doing for our Local. I am proud to support this diverse team of new members and those seeking re-election.

Tara Ettinger

Tara Ettinger for Chief Steward

As a steward with increasing responsibilities for more than 6 years, I have actively supported our leadership in various roles.

  • Picket Line Captain.
  • Organizing Work to Rule.
  • Partial Load Liaison.
  • Faculty representative on JOHSC and CAC.
  • Building cases for new full-time positions.
  • Advocating for our trade programs. 

My diverse work within the team ranges from handling salary calculations to aiding in complaint, grievance, and arbitration meetings, always ensuring that members’ voices are heard, and their rights upheld.

As a faculty member of 20yrs, I have worn many hats including professor, coordinator, course lead, mentor, academic advisory, and curriculum/program developer.  This diverse experience enables me to relate to the nuances of the college system and support its members fairly and equitably.

On May 29th, at 2pm to 4pm, I ask that you attend our GMM and vote for me, Tara Ettinger, for the position of Chief Steward for Local 415.

United. Together. For Faculty.

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