Official Website for OPSEU Local 415

Key Facts

A successful strike vote sends a clear message to management …read here the full facts

Stike Vote and Bargaining Response

Please take some time and read the full document here about a Strike Vote and Bargaining

Myths or Fact

Read here if you understand all the facts or are they myths

January 13, 2010 Vote

Vote YES in favour of Strike Action Read here Why?

National Federation of Teachers of Quebec

Read here the full letter of support, they understand the seriousness of the issue.


Please read the negative impact that the colleges’ imposed terms and conditions are having on claimants seeking redress for claims denied  by Sun Life.

January 12 Student Demonstration

You may have heard some students are planning to demonstrate their frustration regarding the possibility of a faculty strike. Please read here all about it

“I Can’t afford to lose pay in a strike.”

…Yes, but can you afford to lose your job?

Please read the facts here

OPSEU Letter to Faculty

Please read the full letter here from Warren (Smokey) Thomas, Ted Montgomery and Paddy Musson

Please read here the letter in French

Bulletin to All Faculty

Please read here the true facts about the document you received from the College Compensation and Appointments Council regarding your vote

The strike vote is NOT a contract vote. Management has refused to take a contract offer vote.

Regardless of the results on January 13, there will be no contract until there is a vote to accept an offer.

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