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CAAT-A Bulletin

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Joint Union College Memorandum

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Demand Setting Meeting Results

The Following are the top ten contract demands of Local 415 as voted on at the February 16, 2012 local demand setting meeting. Many were the same demands flagged as significant in the pre- bargaining survey completed by faculty in January. A total of 24 demands were approved and then ranked by the members in attendance at the meeting.

1. Get recognition on the SWF for new forms of delivery ( e.g. electronic, on-line,etc.)

2. Improve the adequacy of the time credited on the SWF for evaluation and feedback

3. Acquire copyright of materials produced by faculty

4. Stay between high school and university salary maximums, staying closer to university levels

5. Clarify duties of coordinators

6. Improve contract language requiring preference for the creation of full-time positions

7. Provide SWFs for counsellors

8. Provide inflation protection

9. Specify a process for complaints about managers who act unfairly or inequitably

10. Recognize faculty’s responsibility to select material and evaluation methods

These and 14 other demands will go to the Provincial Demand Setting Meeting in Toronto ( March 31-April 1) where they will be voted on and ranked along with the demands from the other 23 locals.

See the draft minutes here of the February 16, 2012 meeting.

2011 Elections

1. Editor Local Lines -Jack Wilson 2 year term

2. WMG- J.P.Lamarche continues another year Pat Kennedy/Marlaine Finnegan/David Haley elected. Alternates Rod Bain, Christine Wojcik

3. CESC- J.P.Lamarche and Jack Wilson elected. Pat Kennedy Automatic continuing for another year-Rod Bain and Mike Nauth. David Haley and Shawn Pentecost are alternates.

4. Health and Safety Committee-Acclaimed Alain Peyrun-Berron. Continuing for another year Marlaine Finnegan. Christine Wojcik, David Haley and J.P.Lamarche

5. CAAT Division (DIVEX)- Pat Kennedy automatic. Jack Wilson, Marlaine Finnegan, Maria Taylor Elected. Shawn Pentecost and Rod Bain alternates.

6. OPSEU Convention- 2012 Pat Kennedy automatic. Audrey Rosa, Shawn Pentecost,  Jack Wilson elected. Christine Wojcik , Marlaine Finnegan alternates.

7. OPSEU Regional 2012- Pat Kennedy automatic. Maria Taylor, Christine Wojcik, David Haley elected. Rod Bain and Mary Ann Hansen alternates.

8. OPSEU Area Council- Christine Wojcik continues until 2012

9. ODLC- Christine Wojcik  acclaimed.

10. Trustees- Linda Reiche and Jeff Jackson have agreed to serve for another two years


CAAT-A Newsletter March 2012

Read here March Newsletter from your CAAT Academic Division Executive

NOTE: typo in CAAT Academic Division Newsletter. The word “not” is missing so sentence on page 1 related to coordinators should read

It is understood that coordinators do not have the responsibility for the disciplining of teachers in the bargaining unit.