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Ontario Health Coalition Update

Canadians want federal leadership in health care: National day of action starts campaign for new Health Accord

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Latest Bargaining Newsletter

Find here the latest bargaining newsletter. It is basically a summary of the pre-bargaining survey.

OPSEU 404-Solidarity BBQ-March 18,2014

Given that this is the first CA, they need our donations and financial support, of which I hear have been low and slow to reach them.

They are a very small local and would greatly benefit from extra physical support on their picket line and larger financial support. These brave women and men are fight a wealthy university their first collective agreement that should include fair language and fair wages.

Please contact Nelson Ross Laguna to find out where to mail cheques and the times of the picket line. Please show our Solidarity to Local 404, and help keep this fight for equality alive.

A Solidarity BBQ is being organized for Tuesday March 18 at 12:00 pm at the Bronson Avenue Entrance. Find poster here

They need bodies to support their picket lines, and they need funds to support their strike fund. PLEASE dig deep! They need our support!

In Solidarity,

Chrisy Tremblay

Pres. L454

RWC Regional 4

Chair -Ottawa Area Council

URGENT College Strategic Mandate Agreement and your Academic Program

To All Faculty,

You should have received an electronic newsletter from the college president last Friday. What you should be of utmost concern for all staff is the second item: The Algonquin College Strategic Mandate Agreement.

An examination of the document is troubling for a number of reasons, but of particular concern is the reference to the academic programs of strength. It is not clear that all college programs are captured by the categories identified by the college, so it is in your interest to see if your program fits the nine categories. The document can be read here:

Furthermore, there is a Strategic Mandate Agreement Town Hall Scheduled for this Friday March 14 from 2-3:30 P.M. Room T102. You can register by following this link:

Everyone needs to understand where his or her livelihood will be if the upcoming version of the college’s submission to the Ontario Government is approved as it is currently written.

If upon reading the document you are concerned your program is not reflected in the document, please attend the town hall and by all means contact the union office at 7716 with your concern.

Pat Kennedy

President, OPSEU Local 415