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Results of the Election for Officers for OPSEU Local 415

I am pleased to announce the results of the election for officer positions for OPSEU Local 415, representing Professors, Instructors, Counsellors and Librarians. The membership have re-elected or elected, all by acclamation, the following people:

President: Pat Kennedy

1st VP: Jack Wilson

2nd VP: David Haley

Chief Steward: J.P. Lamarche

Secretary: Judy Puritt

Treasurer: Shawn Pentecost

In Solidarity,

Nelson Ross Laguna, Electoral Officer and OPSEU Regional 4 Staff Rep

Stop Hydro Privatization-Rally Outside the Office of Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli

Members of Local 415  are asked to join the Citizen’s Coalition Against Privatization  as they hold a demonstration in front of Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli’s office located at 2249 Carling Ave. on Friday November 27th from 3:30 PM until 5:00 PM. The coalition is engaging citizens across Ontario concerned about the sale of a provincial asset and the likelihood of higher rates and declining service as a result of any sell-off.

For more info on the work of the coalition visit www.hrdronotforsale

Support the NDP Opposition Day Motion to end the sale of Hydro One

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Like more than 80 per cent of Ontarian s, we strongly oppose Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to privatize Hydro One. The Liberal government doesn’t have a mandate to sell off this important public asset.

Just because she’s sold off the first batch of shares doesn’t mean this fight is over. It’s only over when we give up.

The Citizen’s Coalition against Privatization has been organizing a strong opposition movement to the sale. Many of the local mobilizers have been hard at work pressuring their local Councilors and MPPs. They’ve established several local chapters, garnered media attention and sent direct messages to the Premier and her MPPs calling on the Liberals to stop the sale of Hydro One

The damning report from Financial Accountability Officer  proves what we’ve been saying all along about the privatization Hydro One. this is a bad deal.

The leaders of the Ontario NDP is introducing an Opposition Day on Wednesday November 18th to end the sale of Hydro One.

This motion is an opportunity for all of our OPSEU members to take action. Call your local MPP, send letters and emails to urge them to support this motion by the Leader of the NDP. Find your MPP by clicking here or here.

Say NO to the sell off and keep hydro public. Hydro One belongs to us all. It belongs to our kids and their kids. The clock is ticking on this deal. Don’t wait until it’s too late, bacause once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

In Solidarity,

Warren ( Smokey) Thomas OPSEU President

Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida First Vice-President/Treasurer

Nominations for Positions

Nominations are now open for the six officer positions of the local. Any of the 36 stewards listed below are eligible to be nominated for any of the six positions:


First Vice President

Second Vice President

Chief Steward



Nominations are open until Thursday, November 26 at 4 p.m. A nomination form appears below:

Ian Allen; Dan Anderson; Tim Aubin; Rod Bain; Landyn Blais; Louise Boudreault; Annette Bouzi; Sharleen Conrad-Beatty;Linda Crane; Enrico DeFrancesco; Pauline Edmonds; Tara Ettinger; Scott Fewer; Judy Flieler; David Haley; Stephen Heckbert; Tracy Henderson; Dushan Horvat; Jennifer Houselander; Pat Kennedy; J.P. Lamarche; Shawn McBride; David McCue; Moira McDonald; Virginia Mielke; Jerome Mizon; Patricia Murphy; Mike Nauth; Shawn Pentecost; Judy Puritt; Audrey Rosa; Maria Taylor; Claire Tortolo; Andrew Tyler; Jack Wilson; Leslie Wyman

Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Staff Rep.

I ___________________( name of nominator) nominate ____________________( name of nominee) for the position of _____________( name of position).

_________________( signature of Nominator)

I accept____________________ ( signature of nominee)

Please return to the Union Office, C215b, by November 26, 2015 at 4 p.m.


CUPE Rock for Public Services -Nov.14

Upcoming “Rock for Public Services”fundraiser for Sisters in Spirit, Native Women’s Association of Canada. This free concert sponsored by CUPE Local 503 is taking place on Saturday November 14,2015 at TD Place (1015 Bank Street), doors open at 6:30 pm. Thank you.


In Solidarity,

Jennifer Moore ODLC Administration

Board of Governors update–Stephen Heckbert, Academic representative on the board

Board of Governors update from Stephen Heckbert, Academic representative on the board

As I start my term on the board this year, the board will be looking at some key decisions over the next few years: the Healthy Living Initiative, the college’s strategic plan, and decisions about where to focus resources to ensure the long-term health of the organization.

In every post-secondary institution, there is concern about what changing demographics will mean for our colleges and universities, and many institutions are looking at ways of growing their offerings. Algonquin is no different, except we are one of the province’s larger institution and–as such–other institutions will be looking at us for leadership.

Now is the time, therefore, for academic staff to make sure they emphasize with their managers and college leadership that the single largest predictor of academic success for student is access to full-time faculty. That messages will need to be part of the strategic planning process, of the healthy living project, and of every conversation here at Algonquin in coming years.

We looked at a couple of issues as a board so far, but my main goal at present is to give you a mechanism to chat with your board representative about issues you want to see raised to the board and to give the means by which to reach me–my email is and you can always find me in the halls of N building if you want to chat,

Stephen Heckbert