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Article in the Toronto Sun from Andre Martin

Dear Editor of the Toronto Sun

RE: College president raises grotesque and obscene

Mr. Martin has accurately captured the very serious concerns over both the process and the outcome of the proposed wage increases for college executives. Proposing double digit increases when the colleges are crying poor to their employees while raising tuition fees for students demonstrates very poor judgement for which the colleges have been rightly chastised. However, in diminishing the education college students receive (“Think advanced word processing…’). Mr. Martin fails to appreciate the fact Algonquin offers over 180 programs of varying complexity that include not only trades but diploma programs (indeed, a number of our graduates work for the Sun) and degree granting programs as well. If Mr. Martin would like to take a tour of the college, we would welcome the opportunity to introduce him to the proud students and faculty at our three campuses.

Pat Kennedy Local OPSEU 415


Algonquin College union reslove complaint over alleged election tampering Ottawa Citizen

Please read the Ottawa Citizen article

Algonquin College, union resolve complaint over alleged election tampering

Notice of General Meeting and Demand Setting Meeting

General membership Meeting  And Contract Demand Setting Meeting    Thursday, February 9, 2017, 4:00-7:00  Staff Dining room(light refreshments will be served) with teleconference from Perth and Pembroke                                                                                                                     


General Membership Meeting agenda

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. OPSEU Convention Resolutions
  3. Local Financial Update
  4. adjournment

Local Demand Setting Meeting agenda

1.Presentation by Bargaining Team Members

2.Motions by members on Contract Demands for New Collective Agreement

3.Ranking of Approved Demands

4. Adjournment




Pull Back on Pay Raises to Ontario College Bosses

There was a lot of breaking news today regarding the recent proposed salary hikes for college senior executives. Here are links to some of those articles.

Ontario says no to 50 per cent raises for college bosses The provincial government is ordering college to pull back on proposed salary hikes that would see senior executives get raises as high as 50 per cent, following a five-year pay freeze.

Ontario rejects colleges’ plan for new ‘salary frameworks’ the propsed plan would result in many non-union staff members receiving pay hikes of 20 per cent to 40 per cent


College presidents’ pay demands ‘unacceptable,’ deputy premier says

Slapping college presidents with a failing grade on their salary proposals, Deb Matthews said she also wants to send a message of restraint to the heads of universities and hospitals.

Feedback on proposed salary increases for senior executives at Algonquin

The Algonquin Board of Governors is proposing a wage framework for senior executives ( president and vice presidents) which could see wage increases of up to 39% for the college president and from 22 to 33% for college vice presidents. By contrast, average wage increases for full-time faculty for the past three years have been 1.5%.

Link here to the Ottawa Citizen article on the proposed increase pay rates for senior executives

Algonquin College president’s pay could soar as public sector executives salary freeze ends

Read here the Local’s press release on the issue

Note here is the link to the college website where you can provide anonymous feedback until February 1st on the Propose Executive Compensation Program-Board of Governors 

Collective Agreement Bargaining 2017

As you may be aware, 2017 is a bargaining year for our CAAT-A division of OPSEU. In order to get you acquainted with the bargaining process and hopefully answer questions you might have about it, we’ve put together some short videos.

First video

Our first video will also remind you to complete the Bargaining Survey, which was sent to you via email on Tuesday, January 17th. You have until Friday the 20th to finish and submit it- it is a crucial step in our early planning.

You will also hear about our Local 415 demand-setting meeting- this meeting will happen on Thursday February 9th in the staff dining room in the D building Marketplace Cafeteria, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  In our next video, coming soon, we will provide more info about this meeting.

Globe & Mail Article

Read the full article on Executive Compensation-Ontario colleges could increase executive pay by more than 50%

Algonquin College acknowledges interference in Union Local elections and agrees to retrain managers-OPSEU gets over $100,000


-Agreement between Algonquin College and OPSEU shows College acknowledging interference in Union Local elections;

-Algonquin College also undertakes to remain neutral in all future Union Local elections and will provide enhanced labour relations training to all management, which will include a component dealing with Union interference;

-Algonquin College agrees to waive over $100,000. in amounts owing from OPSEU; Agreement ends three-year saga over 2013 Union Local elections

For Immediate Release 

Ottawa– “I did not interfere in the election”, proclaimed College Vice-President, Doug Wotherspoon in an interview with the Algonquin Times in October 2015. The shocking statement was made after news of his involvement in Union Local Elections in 2013 became public.

At the time, Mr. Wotherspoon’s text message and emails to OPSEU Union members had been leaked.  Mr. Wotherspoon had attempted , through off-campus accounts, to “ta;k generally about how to run an election campaign” with the purpose of getting rid of “the old guard”- a term used to describe the incumbent Union representatives.

The attempts at influencing the outcome failed but Faculty brought forward allegations of being directly approached and pressured to run with the purpose of putting a more management-friendly executive in place.

A little more than a year after Mr. Wotherspoon’s involvement was uncovered, Algonquin College acknowledged that the actions of its administration during the 2013 elections constituted interference in the Union affairs, contrary to the provisions of the collective agreement.

“this agreement simply confirms what many of us suspected-Facultywere approached and pressured by the most senior administrators at the College”, said Pat Kennedy, Local President. ” We are pleased with the outcome-specifically the fact that the College will be retraining management. That said, the impact on the individuals who were approached remains.”

Jack Wilson, Local Vice-President, concurred. “When a senior administrator approaches a Faculty member, it inevitably places pressure on the individual. It taints the democratic process and undermines the trust that is required to foster positive labour relations.”

It was important for the Union to ensure that this agreement provided protection moving forward. Indeed, the Union secured commitments from  the College that it “shall remain neutral in all future Local leadership elections.” In addition, and for all future Union elections, the College will remind all Academic employees that “Management will not get involved.” Importantly, the College will also provide new and enhanced labour relations training to management personnel, which will include a component dealing with union interference.

Although satisfied with the agreement, Pat Kennedy remained cautious: ” These systemic remedies are important and will hopefully deter future administrations from trying to undermine the democratic process that is the cornerstone of the labour movement.”

As part of the settlement, the College also agreed to waive amounts owing for the release of Union officers conducting union business. OPSEU intends to provide additional time and training for its democratically elected executive members. ” We will see a new generation of union representatives as a result of this settlement. The future is bright.”

Press Release on Executive Compensation

Ontario colleges are trying to raise the pay of senior executives by as much as 54 per cent, while claiming that tight budgets are keeping them from providing the front line resources students need.

here is the link to the complete press release

Faculty Appreciation Event Wednesday January 18,2017

Coffee hour from 7:00-3:30 Location 2nd floor J-N link

see poster 2017-01-Faculty Appreciation-tabloid-a

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