Article in the Toronto Sun from Andre Martin

Dear Editor of the Toronto Sun RE: College president raises grotesque and obscene Mr. Martin has accurately captured the very serious concerns over both the process and the outcome of the proposed wage increases for college executives. Proposing double digit increases when the colleges are crying poor to their employees while raising tuition fees for […]

Notice of General Meeting and Demand Setting Meeting

General membership Meeting  And Contract Demand Setting Meeting    Thursday, February 9, 2017, 4:00-7:00  Staff Dining room(light refreshments will be served) with teleconference from Perth and Pembroke                                                            […]

Pull Back on Pay Raises to Ontario College Bosses

There was a lot of breaking news today regarding the recent proposed salary hikes for college senior executives. Here are links to some of those articles. Ontario says no to 50 per cent raises for college bosses The provincial government is ordering college to pull back on proposed salary hikes that would see senior executives […]

Feedback on proposed salary increases for senior executives at Algonquin

The Algonquin Board of Governors is proposing a wage framework for senior executives ( president and vice presidents) which could see wage increases of up to 39% for the college president and from 22 to 33% for college vice presidents. By contrast, average wage increases for full-time faculty for the past three years have been […]

Collective Agreement Bargaining 2017

As you may be aware, 2017 is a bargaining year for our CAAT-A division of OPSEU. In order to get you acquainted with the bargaining process and hopefully answer questions you might have about it, we’ve put together some short videos. First video Our first video will also remind you to complete the Bargaining […]

Globe & Mail Article

Read the full article on Executive Compensation-Ontario colleges could increase executive pay by more than 50%

Algonquin College acknowledges interference in Union Local elections and agrees to retrain managers-OPSEU gets over $100,000

Summary  -Agreement between Algonquin College and OPSEU shows College acknowledging interference in Union Local elections; -Algonquin College also undertakes to remain neutral in all future Union Local elections and will provide enhanced labour relations training to all management, which will include a component dealing with Union interference; -Algonquin College agrees to waive over $100,000. in […]

Press Release on Executive Compensation

Ontario colleges are trying to raise the pay of senior executives by as much as 54 per cent, while claiming that tight budgets are keeping them from providing the front line resources students need. here is the link to the complete press release

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