Academic Freedom and Course Delivery

OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents Algonquin College full-time and partial-load faculty (professors and instructors), cousellors, and librarians.

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As we finalize our preparation for the fall term start up, it felt timely to highlight a significant gain achieved during our last round of bargaining: academic freedom. Under Article 13.04 “Every faculty member is able to exercise academic freedom in the performance of his/her duties. Academic freedom at the College includes the right to enquire about, investigate, pursue, teach and speak freely about academic issues without fear of impairment to position or other reprisal.” Academic freedom is understood to be a broad right that can include the protection of faculty speech, judgment of our course evaluation methods, the right to choose our course material, determine student grades and course delivery methods.

As such, there is no requirement for faculty to use a specific video conferencing technology to teach our courses, nor is it a requirement for us to record our lectures. The choice is ours to exercise. The College confirmed this at the Town Hall last week, stating that the only technology requirement is to use Brightspace as outlined in AA42 Learning Management System (see especially “4. Course Sites – Required Elements”). This technology-related message has also been restated in subsequent communication with the Local. If you are told otherwise, please let the Local know so we can support you.

If you are returning to work this week, and missed our message last week, you can find it below. If you have questions, please reach out to a steward, send them to us by email at or feel free to call (613) 727-4723 ext. 7716.

In solidarity,

Annette Bouzi, President
David Haley, First Vice-President
Enrico DeFrancesco, Second Vice-President
Shawn Pentecost, Treasurer
Judy Puritt, Secretary

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