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Invitation for Algonquin College President and CEO Consultation Survey

Algonquin College’s Chair of the Board of Governors recently announced that Boyden consultants would be retained to assist the college’s search committee with the search for a new President and CEO of Algonquin College.

I spoke with a representative of the firm this morning for close to 50 minutes regarding the hiring of the new College President and the firm closed off the discussion with a request that the local encourage its members to take the survey they have created to gain insight on the criteria you believe would be important in identifying and selecting the new College President.

I encourage you to take the survey by May 2 at the following link:

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Autism Rally-Mar.22

Good morning,

Please find attached here a poster for the upcoming OPSEU “Rally for Children & Families who need quality public Autism Services at CHEO” being held on Friday March 22, 2019 at 3500 Fallowfield Road (outside Lisa MacLeod’s office) from 11:00am to 1:00pm.  Thank you.


In solidarity,

Jennifer Moore

ODLC Administration


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Student complaint policy SA:03 update

After representing a number of members at student complaint meetings in the fall, I e-mailed the college president in October, 2018 asking her to look into revamping the student complaint directive to incorporate some type of meaningful consequence for students bringing forward false complaints and allegations. I was assured that student services and human resources were “reviewing the relevant policies”.

I’ve also has the opportunity to meet with the ombudsman, George E. Cole, to discuss possible changes to the existing policy. I shared my experiences in representing faculty at several student complaint meetings involving human resources, chairs, and deans. In every instance, the existing policy was not followed, yet the complaints were permitted to proceed. Even more troubling, was the fact that the majority of the complaints were found to have no merit, or were completely fictitious. In a least one case, the students admitted to lying because they were upset with the faculty member.

The current policy needs a mechanism by which students who make false allegations against faculty are subject to penalty. (see SA: 07 Student Conduct) However, in order for any new policy to be effective, the policy needs to be followed in the first place. I’m hopeful that the college will take the suggestions of the union and the ombudsman’s office seriously, and produce a policy that protects faculty while maintaining students’ rights.


I’ll provide more information when it becomes available.


JP Lamarche

Chief Steward, Local 415

Outsourcing of Our Work to Private Colleges

A very serious situation which has the potential to affect our jobs and retirement benefits is currently underway in our college system which requires the need for both DivEx and the Local to provide strong leadership now in anticipation of rocky times ahead with the Ford government.

Currently 6 colleges contract out, to private colleges, the delivery of public college credentials for international students: Lambton, St. Clair, Northern, Cambrian, St. Lawrence and Canadore. After a Divisional lobbying campaign and damning external reports about the risks such arrangements pose, the previous Liberal government announced that it would be phased out. However, it is our understanding that the Ford government has indicated that the outsourcing will now be allowed to continue. Consequently, with DivEx coordination, on February 6, two locals – Canadore and St. Lawrence – have filed OLRB applications “Regarding Employee Status”, essentially making the claim that the workers (support and faculty) at the private colleges belong to our bargaining units because they are delivering our programs.

Combined with teacher-less classes and the Multi-College Collaboration Model, the continued contracting out of faculty work to private colleges or third-party contractors, it is very clear that the Ford government has a very different way of doing business in the province of Ontario. 

The Local will keep you appraised of any new information regarding these important matters and I would ask that you alert the Local if you become aware of any of your work being contracted out so that we can act to protect your work and retirement benefits, now and into the future.

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

Security breach follow-up

The Local has filed a union grievance against the college for a failure to abide by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in relation to the recent security breach. This grievance was filed to protect members whose personal information and data might have been compromised by the phishing attack. The grievance seeks the production of all documentation disclosing which employees have been affected, and seeks damages for any affected employees.

For those members who have already been contacted by the college confirming a breach, we suggest that you contact the Local immediately to review your status and next steps to have the college pay you the damages or the costs of mitigating or avoiding incurring damages arising from the disclosure or unauthorized access.  This includes damages that may be discovered in the future and are caused by the breach but are not yet known or have not yet occurred.

Pat Kennedy, President
OPSEU Local 415

Protect Yourself Against Workday Security Breaches

During the past several days, faculty have identified to the local that they are quite concerned regarding the safety of their personal and banking information on the college’s Workday system.

I asked the college president on February 6, if she could confirm that Social Insurance Numbers and banking information had not been compromised, given the Workday fiasco.

On the same day, she responded “Yes I can confirm that”; however, the local has since learned that at least a week earlier to this confirmation by the college president that a college employee was informed that his Workday account had been compromised during the phishing attack. The college offered “Identity Theft Protection Services” from ID Alerts for the next 2-years and advised the employee to change his bank password.

One has to wonder why the college was not aware of such phishing attack problems and Workday issues well before implementing Workday on January 7, 2019 given that this information has been widely published on the web since at least May 2017 as per the following article


Additionally, Workday security issues have also be widely published as per this article.


If you suspect that your personal or banking information has been compromised, I recommend that you ask the college for  “Identity Theft Protection Services” from ID Alerts for the next 2-years.

Although there is no guarantee that all faculty will receive this email because of the state of the college’s email system, I would encourage you to pass this information along to coworkers so that they take action necessary to safeguard their personal and banking information.


Pat Kennedy, President
OPSEU Local 415

Union Membership Letter

You may have received an email with respect to your Union Membership from the college.

You should disregard this, as it did not come from our local.


Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

REMINDER – OPSEU Local 415 2nd VP Election 13 February 2019

Sisters and brothers,

Local 415 will be conducting an election for the 2nd Vice Presidents position. As you may recall the local held a by-election on December 5th, however I was unable to determine a successful candidate in the election due to inaccuracies on the voters list provided to the Union by the Employer. Due to this unfortunate event, the local will be conducting another election on February 13th, 2019.

In order to prevent the same issue of inaccurate lists I will be confirming members who are partial load or who are unsure of their status at the polling station. If you are partial load or believe you are partial load at the time of the vote in order to confirm you are in good standing with the local, you will be required to provide your pay statement to show Union dues deductions as well as hours worked. Your pay statement will need to show your name and employee number as well. If you wish to blackout other areas, you may. If you are partial load or believe you are partial load and you do not provide a pay statement, I will have to segregate your ballot and then confirm your status afterwards which may take days or weeks.

The process will be as usual for all other members who require to be a signed member of the Union in order to vote. If you have not signed a union membership card you can do so at the polling station.

The two candidates for the election are:

  • Annette Bouzi
  • Tracy Henderson

The by-election will be held as follows on Wednesday February 13, 2019:

– Ottawa Campus: Union Faculty Office, C215B, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

– Pembroke Campus: Room 216, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Room 334 from 1 p.m. to 3 pm.

– Perth Campus: Room 101, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

All full-time and partial-load faculty who are members of the union are eligible to vote.

In solidarity

Nelson Ross Laguna
OPSEU Region 4 Rep and
Electoral Officer for Local 415

“Teacher-less courses” offered at Algonquin’s new partner Northern College

It has come to the Local’s attention that Northern College, one of the colleges that Algonquin has partnered with under the recent Multi-College Collaboration Model agreement, offers “teacher-less courses”. Given the language of the agreement, and the parties’ commitment to “innovative delivery models”, everyone should take notice of the possible consequences of courses being delivered by technology rather than faculty.

This approach would have an enormous impact on securing new full-time positions, and could put existing full-time positions in jeopardy. Tracy Henderson, with support from our Divisional Executive, is in the process of reaching out to the Locals involved in the agreement to gather more information about what is happening at each college, and will be reporting back to DivEx with recommendations.

This is a significant development for our membership as “teacher-less” work forces do not make pension contributions, nor do they fund Long Term Disability programs.

We’ll be providing more information as it becomes known.

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415


{CAATA-Pres} Research into Multi-College Collaboration Agreements

From: RM Kennedy <>

Sent: Monday, January 28, 2019 9:24 AM

To: CAAT-A Presidents

Cc: Tracy Henderson

Subject: {CAATA-Pres} Research into Multi-College Collaboration Agreements


Hello Presidents,


As you may have heard, Algonquin College along with Sault, Lambton and Northern, have signed onto a “Multi-College Collaboration Model.”

Tracy Henderson (from Local 415 and Divex 1st Alternate) has volunteered to do some research and strategic planning on the topic for us. We are very concerned that this may become the system-wide template for cuts and we want to get out ahead of it. For example, we could imagine a scenario where Algonquin develops online curriculum, which is then passed on to Northern College to be delivered on their new automated platform, eliminating real faculty work there. There are other ways this could work, but almost all of them will likely involve attacks on Intellectual Property (IP), academic freedom, faculty decision-making. program quality and bargaining unit size. Tracy will be reaching out to talk with the affected locals, but if anyone has any additional information on such agreements please pass it on to her.


In solidarity,



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