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Workload Issues

ADVICE ON WORKLOAD ISSUES 1. Extended Hours The Union has grieved the unilateral decision by the College to extend the work day to 10:00 pm. The results from the survey of faculty on extended work hours (which may be seen on our web site at reflect an overwhelming concern for the negative impact extended […]

New seniority lists

If you are a local member you may request a to see a copy of the 2009 full-time, probationary or partial-load seniority list it is  in Excel format. Please contact Pat Kennedy by email; Please clearly identify yourself as a local member. Pat Kennedy, Local President

Office 2007 and your SWF

By Pat Kennedy If you are required to use Office 2007 and/or are obliged to take training for Office 2007, then the workload required for this activity should be reflected on your Fall SWF. If your current SWF does not reflect the time you will require to become familiar with Office 2007, request a new […]

COMMS and COMMS training

By Doug Brandy COMMS, the Course Outline Mapping and Management System has arrived. What are our expectations and responsibilities? I believe creating course outlines is a legitimate Professor function. From the Class Definition on page 147 of our Collective Agreement: “… a Professor is responsible for . . . The design/revision/updating of courses, including: consulting […]

Sick leave and supporting medical evidence

In cases of illness, the College may request information to support your sick leave claim. This article discusses correct procedures. The College should never have direct access to your doctor.  Under 17.01 F 6 of our Collective Agreement, the College is entitled to “such medical evidence, if any, that the College may require.”  Given the […]

Mandatory retirement

The Ontario government passed Bill 211 2005, “An Act to amend the Human Rights Code and certain other Acts to end mandatory retirement”. The Act was given Royal Assent and came fully into affect on December 12, 2006. From Dec. 12, 2006, Ontario colleges will no longer be able to insist on retirement of employees […]

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