Union F.A.Q.

Union F.A.Q.

Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty 2.0% Salary/Hourly Rate Increase

This message is just a quick reminder about the 2017 strike settlement that October 1 marked the date that the negotiated 2% pay increases came into effect for Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty. As a note, this is the final automatic increase before we enter negotiations in 2021. We encourage you to check Workday to ensure […]

New updates from the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Faculty Reps

Did you know there is a new OHS Standard related to children on campus?  A recommendation was sent from the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee to the college to establish the OHS Standard. The policy is not in reference to “bring your child to work day”, or other college sanctioned events, but is related to a situation […]

Faculty response to request for assistance in calling campaign

We have become aware that managers have been sending out requests to various faculty members to participate in a calling campaign to new potential students. We are concerned for two reasons: one, this is work that belongs to the support staff bargaining unit which should be respected; two, faculty are feeling pressured to volunteer. Our […]

January 21,2016 WMG Update to Faculty

This is a new feature initiated by the local in order to update faculty on a more regular basis regarding workload assignments across the college so that all faculty are equitably treated by their managers. the driving force behind this particular report is the college’s assignment of Professional Development. Please read WMG Update to Faculty-January 21 […]

Advice to members regarding PD

We have been contacted of late by faculty who have expressed concern about PD they have been directed to take by their respective managers. Please be aware of your rights under the Collective Agreement with respect to PD: Article 11.01 H 11.01 H1: The College shall allow each teacher at least ten working days of […]

Workload Issues

Coordinator’s Workload Spreadsheet The Coordinator’s Workload Spreadsheet was constructed for the membership as a result of discussions with numerous coordinators who have indicated to the local that their managers do not have an accurate appreciation of the coordinator duties being performed in their departments. While the example spreadsheet of possible duties is non-exhaustive, it should […]

Payout of Excess Vacation

All Full-time Faculty Please see this advise  here from the union local to those members that have excess annual leave.

Myths or Fact

Read here if you understand all the facts or are they myths

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