Press Release: Fresh Music Video Plays to Youth Apathy

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Fresh Music Video Plays to Youth Apathy 

( TORONTO) – As part of its campaign to encourage young Canadians to vote in the upcoming federal election, OPSEU’s Provincial Young Workers Committee has released a provocative music video featuring its signature song, Don’t Vote.

To Listen, Click here: Don’t Vote 

Performed by Ottawa-based band Arms of the Girlthe catchy, upbeat tune uses a strong dose of irony to hit home the need for youth to resist the temptation to apathy when it comes to exercising their democratic rights.

The video is a key element in the #Don’t Vote campaign, which was launched on September 1 at OPSEU’s annual International Youth Day Conference . Alarmed by the steep decline in the number of young voters, Provincial Young Workers Committee members identified a need to create a multi-platform, non-partisan campaign that would engage youth in the political process. The campaign uses a mix of good-natured sarcasm,edginess and fun design to resonate with young Canadians who feel they have no political voice.

According to Elections Canada , 61 per cent of Canadians voted in the 2011 federal election. However, only 39 per cent  of Canadians aged 25 and younger cast a ballot, leaving the choice of government largely in the hands of older Canadians. As a result, young people are increasingly ignored by those aspiring to political power, while issues of importance to youth-such as excellent public services, a clean environment and affordable tuition-barely register during election campaigns.

Warren ( Smokey) Thomas, President of OPSEU, is convinced that a campaign targeting political apath among youth is absolutely necessary.”Younger Canadians support the things labour movement has consistently fought for: excellent public services, good jobs, equity and justice.The more this election unfolds, the more I see the urgency of motivating young Canadians to get out and cast their votes.”

“I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it until October 19: the most important thing that  young people can put on their resume is that they voted in the 2015 federal election.”

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Warren(Smokey) Thomas 613-329-1931

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