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Vacation Rotation and Retirement – Important Information For Consideration Not Provided by Claude Brule’s Communication of May 28, 2019

As you are aware, the best 60 month period in the CAAT Pension Plan will be used to calculate your lifetime pension.

In order to maximize your lifetime pension, retiring at the end of June would allow you to receive a lump sum payment in lieu of vacation during July/August and to permit you to elect to have it included in pensionable earnings and make pension contributions on such amount. This would maximize both your lifetime pension and payout from the college. Your pension cheque would be paid out on the first of the month, July 1.

Conversely, if you have already taken your vacation during May/June, you would not be in a position to maximize either your lifetime pension or your payout upon retirement that year.

Remember that your only obligation under the Collective Agreement when retiring is to give the college at least 90 calendar days’ written notice; however, there have been several instances where some retiring members gave less than 90 days notice and still received their first CAAT Pension payment on time.

We have also included the member handbook that highlights the CAAT Pension Plan.

David Haley, 1st VP Local 415
CAAT Pension Plan Trustee

Pat Kennedy, President Local 415
CAAT Pension Plan Sponsor

Reminder – Register NOW on the Partial-Load Registry

One of the major gains from the last round of bargaining is the Partial Load Registry that serves to prioritize the hiring of Partial Load employees who have registered their interest in being employed as a partial load employee in the following calendar year.

Registration for the 2020 Partial Load Registry opened in January 2019 and remains open until the October 30th cut off.  As per the collective agreement article 26.10 D “By October 30th in each calendar year, a currently or previously employed partial-load employee must register their interest in being employed as a partial-load employee in the following calendar year.  This individual will be considered a registered partial-load employee for the purpose of 26.10 E”.

It is the responsibility of the PL employee to register with the college by October 30th.  After that date the registry will be closed.

Please use the link provided to access the registration process.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding partial-load status or the registry as outlined in the collective agreement, please feel free to contact Tracy Henderson or the Faculty Union Office at Ext. 7716.

Tracy Henderson

Steward, OPSEU Local 415 1st Alternate, Divisional Executive

Seniority and rotation

We’re receiving many questions about how seniority works in relation to annual leave. You are choosing when you would like to use your annual leave not which semester you would prefer to work. If you would like to use your annual leave in July/August, you need to indicate this to your manager ASAP.

Our collective agreement, and Claude Brule’s May 2019 memo, are clear that “seniority shall be given consideration in resolving conflicting vacation requests.” There is only one seniority list for full-time faculty (professors and instructors), counsellors, and librarians. There are no exceptions based on classification, or additional duties like coordination, and no reference to schools, departments or “clusters”. Your seniority only increases over time, so your opportunity to use your annual leave during your preferred time should also increase.

Agreeing to a rotation that does not conform to your preferred annual leave period is like giving up your seniority rights under the collective agreement.

We have also become aware of nearly 30 programs which are exempt from the 14 week model which seems to suggest that faculty in these areas are also exempt from rotation.

Our advice is to let your manager know each academic year what your preference is for your annual leave period. If your request is denied, please contact the union office at ext. 7716.

Pat Kennedy,

President, Local 415

14 week semester/annual leave update

We have met with a number of faculty groups that have been involved in some preliminary discussions in their departments about the 14 week semester, and summer rotation. At this time it isn’t clear that all areas will have changes to the traditional annual leave period of July/August. There also seems to be a lack of consistency about rotation schedules. Some areas are proposing 2 years, while other areas are contemplating a 3, or even 4 year rotation. At first glance, it appears that the college is using seniority when assigning teaching rotations. It’s also been reported to us that coordinators in certain areas will be treated differently, and will not be assigned the extra weeks of teaching.

Here are some questions that you should be putting to your manager before your “cluster” meetings:

1)       Are coordinators being treated differently in terms of the extra 7 week assignment?

2)       Does seniority reset every academic year for preference of annual leave?

3)       Will all faculty in your area be assigned 35 weeks of teaching?

4)       What is the proposed rotation schedule? Two years? Three years? Four years?

Once you have met to review the default model prepared by your chair, you’ll need to report back about whether you, as a group, were able to come up with your own plan, and whether you have reached a consensus. If you have any questions about the process, or require any assistance before, at, or after your meeting, please contact the union office at ext. 7716.

Pat Kennedy,

President, Local 415

Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty receive a 2.0% increase in their Salary/Hourly Rate Effective October 1, 2019

October 1 marks the date that pay increases come into effect for Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty and the local advises you to check that you are at the correct level of Compensation in Workday as follows:

After logging into Workday,

– click on Personal Information in the Applications window

– click on About Me in the View window (Your name and employment status should now appear)

– click on Compensation, which will show your Total Base Pay and your Step Level and the date you were hired

Your total Base Pay should match the Salary/Hourly Rate schedule applicable to your Step Level in the Collective Agreement (CA), which can be found in our Collective Agreement as follows:

Salary Schedules for Full-Time Professors, Counsellors and Librarians

Art 14.03 A 1 (a), page (27)

Salary Schedules for Full-Time Instructors

14.03 A 2 (c), page (29)

Post-Secondary Partial-Load Professor Hourly Rate

Art 26.04, page (51)

Non-Post-Secondary Partial-Load Professor Hourly Rate

Art 26.04, page (52)

Post-Secondary Partial-Load Instructors

Art 26.04, page (53)

Non-Post-Secondary Partial-Load Instructors

Art 26.04, page (53)

Finally, if you are not receiving the correct pay, please contact the local for assistance.

OPSEU Local 415 Communications Officer