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By-Election for two Woodroffe Stewards and one Perth Steward

There are three vacancies on the Local Executive Committee for two stewards from the Woodroffe Campus and one steward from the Perth Campus. The nomination form (see below) needs to be submitted to the Union Office (C215b) by noon, Wednesday, October 17, 2018. 

In the event there are more nominations than positions, an election will be held Wednesday, October 24, 2018. 

Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Rep and

Electoral Officer for Local 415




Nomination Form


I __________________ (name of nominator) nominate __________________(name of nominee)


for the position of Steward on the __________________ (Woodroffe or Perth) Campus.


 __________________ (signature of nominator).


I accept ____________________ (signature of nominee).


Submit to the Faculty Union Office (C215b) by noon, Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Notice of OPSEU Local 415 Annual General Meeting on May 10, 2018

The Faculty Union AGM will be held on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at the Woodroffe Campus in T130, 12:00 – 2:00, with teleconference link to Pembroke and Perth. 

 Sandwiches and coffee will be provided and those in attendance are eligible for door prizes. 

The agenda is attached.

Pat Kennedy, President

OPSEU Local 415

Election of Local 415 Officers

From Nelson Ross Laguna, OPSEU Region 4 Staff Rep, for immediate resolution…

The following have been acclaimed as the officers of the local for 2018-19:

President — Pat Kennedy

First Vice President — Jack Wilson

Second Vice President — David Haley

Chief Steward — JP Lamarche

Treasurer — Shawn Pentecost

Secretary — Judy Puritt

Nominations open for Local 415 Executive Officer Positions

From: Nelson Ross Laguna, OPSEU Region 4 Staff Rep.Nominations are now open for the six officer positions of the local. Any of the 35 stewards listed below are eligible to be nominated for any of the six positions:


First Vice President

Second Vice President

Chief Steward



Nominations are open until Friday, December 8 at 3 p.m. A nomination form appears below:

Eligible stewards:

Ian Allen; Dan Anderson; Rod Bain; Landyn Blais; Louise Boudreault; Annette Bouzi; Sharleen Conrad-Beatty; Enrico DeFrancesco; Richard Donnelly; Linda Ducharme; Pauline Edmonds; Tara Ettinger; Scott Fewer; Judy Flieler; David Haley; Tracy Henderson; Jennifer Houselander; Pat Kennedy; Howard Kravitz; J.P. Lamarche; Sharon Lightfoot; Chinedu Mba; David McCue; Mike Nauth; Ala’ Qadi; Shawn Pentecost; Judy Puritt; Lisa Roots; Audrey Rosa; Maria Taylor; Jackie Tenute; Claire Tortolo; Andrew Tyler; Jack Wilson; Leslie Wyman


I ___________________( name of nominator) nominate ____________________( name of nominee) for the position of _____________( name of position).

_________________( signature of Nominator)

I accept____________________ ( signature of nominee)

Please return to the Union Office, C215b, by December 8, 2017 at 3 p.m.


Local 415 Election: Call for nominations for local stewards

From Nelson Ross Laguna, OPSEU Staff Rep for Region 4, for immediate distribution… 
Subject: Local 415 Election
Term of Office: January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019
Steward Nominations close November 30, 2017 4:00PM.
Union elections are held in two stages. First is the election of stewards who are nominated and elected by members of their campus location. The elected stewards constitute the Local Executive Committee (LEC).
The second stage is the election of officers: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Chief Steward, Secretary and Treasurer. To be eligible for nomination as an officer, one must have been elected as a steward.
The number of stewards is determined by the number of union members on each campus:
Pembroke: 2
Perth: 1
Woodroffe: 40
Total: 43
Six Good Reasons to Run for Steward:
1. No experience is necessary and you will learn a great deal. Your learning will be supported by experienced members on the Local Executive, to whom you can refer any questions or problems.
2. It is not a major time commitment – minimally, one two-hour meeting per month and availability to answer or refer your colleagues’ questions. Beyond that, your level of involvement is up to you.
3. You will be actively involved in local decision-making.
4. It is informative: at our monthly meetings, you will find out from other stewards what is going on in other parts of the college.
5. You will earn the gratitude of your departmental colleagues who may come to you for assistance.
6. You will assist in building a strong organization to advocate for faculty.
Nominations must be sent to the Faculty Union Office in C215B by Thursday, November 30, 2017, 4:00 PM.
I, nominate _____________________________________ (Name of Nominee) to serve as steward for
____________________________________________, (Name of Campus) until December 2019. Signature of Nominator: __________________________________
 I, _____________________________________ accept the nomination (Signature of Nominee)

Reminder of today’s Bargaining Information Meeting

All Local 415 Members are invited to attend a

Bargaining Information Meeting on Monday, September 11

From 4:00 to 6:00 in CA 105.

Two members of the bargaining team will be making their second visit to the Woodroffe campus to share updates on bargaining and discuss the Sept.14 Strike Vote.


Light Refreshments will be provided

Algonquin College union reslove complaint over alleged election tampering Ottawa Citizen

Please read the Ottawa Citizen article

Algonquin College, union resolve complaint over alleged election tampering

Algonquin College acknowledges interference in Union Local elections and agrees to retrain managers-OPSEU gets over $100,000


-Agreement between Algonquin College and OPSEU shows College acknowledging interference in Union Local elections;

-Algonquin College also undertakes to remain neutral in all future Union Local elections and will provide enhanced labour relations training to all management, which will include a component dealing with Union interference;

-Algonquin College agrees to waive over $100,000. in amounts owing from OPSEU; Agreement ends three-year saga over 2013 Union Local elections

For Immediate Release 

Ottawa– “I did not interfere in the election”, proclaimed College Vice-President, Doug Wotherspoon in an interview with the Algonquin Times in October 2015. The shocking statement was made after news of his involvement in Union Local Elections in 2013 became public.

At the time, Mr. Wotherspoon’s text message and emails to OPSEU Union members had been leaked.  Mr. Wotherspoon had attempted , through off-campus accounts, to “ta;k generally about how to run an election campaign” with the purpose of getting rid of “the old guard”- a term used to describe the incumbent Union representatives.

The attempts at influencing the outcome failed but Faculty brought forward allegations of being directly approached and pressured to run with the purpose of putting a more management-friendly executive in place.

A little more than a year after Mr. Wotherspoon’s involvement was uncovered, Algonquin College acknowledged that the actions of its administration during the 2013 elections constituted interference in the Union affairs, contrary to the provisions of the collective agreement.

“this agreement simply confirms what many of us suspected-Facultywere approached and pressured by the most senior administrators at the College”, said Pat Kennedy, Local President. ” We are pleased with the outcome-specifically the fact that the College will be retraining management. That said, the impact on the individuals who were approached remains.”

Jack Wilson, Local Vice-President, concurred. “When a senior administrator approaches a Faculty member, it inevitably places pressure on the individual. It taints the democratic process and undermines the trust that is required to foster positive labour relations.”

It was important for the Union to ensure that this agreement provided protection moving forward. Indeed, the Union secured commitments from  the College that it “shall remain neutral in all future Local leadership elections.” In addition, and for all future Union elections, the College will remind all Academic employees that “Management will not get involved.” Importantly, the College will also provide new and enhanced labour relations training to management personnel, which will include a component dealing with union interference.

Although satisfied with the agreement, Pat Kennedy remained cautious: ” These systemic remedies are important and will hopefully deter future administrations from trying to undermine the democratic process that is the cornerstone of the labour movement.”

As part of the settlement, the College also agreed to waive amounts owing for the release of Union officers conducting union business. OPSEU intends to provide additional time and training for its democratically elected executive members. ” We will see a new generation of union representatives as a result of this settlement. The future is bright.”

Notice of Local 415 Annual General Meeting Thursday May 12 at noon

Annual General meeting Thursday, May 12, 2016 Woodroffe Campus Room B170 with teleconference link to Pembroke and Perth  12:00-2:00

** Sandwiches and coffee will be provided **

***Those in attendance are eligible for door prizes***

  1. Call to order Present
  2. Statement of Respect
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Approval of the Minutes of May 14,2015 AGM
  5. Business Arising from May 14,2015 AGM
  6. Report on Labour relations at the College: Pat Kennedy
  7. Local 415 Budget: Shawn Pentecost
  8. OPSEU Convention 2017 Resolutions
  9. Elections    a) Workload Monitoring Group :1 b) College Employment Stability Committee:2 c) Health and Safety (Woodroffe):1 d) OPSEU Convention 2017:3 e) OPSEU Regional 2017:3
  10. New Business
  11. Adjournment

Results of the Election for Officers for OPSEU Local 415

I am pleased to announce the results of the election for officer positions for OPSEU Local 415, representing Professors, Instructors, Counsellors and Librarians. The membership have re-elected or elected, all by acclamation, the following people:

President: Pat Kennedy

1st VP: Jack Wilson

2nd VP: David Haley

Chief Steward: J.P. Lamarche

Secretary: Judy Puritt

Treasurer: Shawn Pentecost

In Solidarity,

Nelson Ross Laguna, Electoral Officer and OPSEU Regional 4 Staff Rep

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