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Local 415 Elections

Term of office: January 1,2016 to December 31,2017

Steward Nominations close November 5,2015  4:00 PM .

Union elections are held in two stages. first is the election of stewards who are nominated and elected by members of their campus location. The elected stewards constitute the Local Executive Committee (LEC).

The second stage is the election of officers: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Chief Steward, Secretary and Treasurer. To be eligible for nomination as an officer, one must have been elected as a steward.

The number of stewards is determined by the numbers of unionized faculty on each campus:

Pembroke: 2

Perth: 1

Woodroffe: 35

Total: 38

Six Good Reasons to run for Steward:

1. No experience is necessary and you will learn a great deal. Your learning will be supported by experienced members on the Local Executive, to whom you can refer any questions or problems.

2. It is not a major time commitment-minimally,one two-hour meeting per month and availability to answer or refer your colleagues’ questions.  Beyond that, your level of involvement is up to you.

3. You will be actively involved in local decision-making.

4. It is informative: at our monthly meetings, you will find out from other stewards what is going on in other parts of the college.

5. You will earn the gratitude of your departmental colleagues who may come to you for assistance.

6. You will assist in building a strong organization to advocate for faculty.

Nominations must be sent to the Faculty Union Office in C215B by Thursday November 5,2015 4:00 PM.

I, nominate _________________________(Name of Nominee) to serve as a steward for ________________________,(Name of Campus) until December 2017.

Signature of Nominator:________________________

I,________________________accept the nomination (Signature of Nominee)


Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Rep. and Electoral Officer for Local 415

Annual General Meeting

All full time and partial load faculty are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting to be held Thursday May 15,2014 at 3:00PM in P208. A bargaining update is among the agenda items. Please see agenda below:


Local 415 General meeting

Thursday May 15, 2014

3:00-5:00 PM RM. P208

1.Call to Order

2. Agenda

3. Approval of the Minutes of May 16,2013

4. Business arising from May 16,2013 meeting

5. Local 415 Budget

6. Contract negotiation update

7. OPSEU Convention 2015 Resolutions

8. Elections

a) Workload Monitoring Group (3)

b) College Employee Stability Committee (2)

c) Health and Safety Committee (1)

d) CAAT Division (4)

e) OPSEU Convention 2014 (4)

f) OPSEU Regional (4)

g) OPSEU Area Council (1)

h) Ottawa and District Labour Council (ODLC) (5)

9. Other Business

10. Adjournment





Thank you to the Members of OPSEU 415

To the Professors, Instructors, Counsellors and Librarians

On behalf of the team who were elected to be your union officers for the upcoming two-year term, I want to thank everyone who participated in yesterday’s vote: all the people who worked on behalf of the candidates, and all the members who took time from a very busy period in the academic year to exercise their vote.

You have our commitment to continue to work hard on your behalf. Should the need arise for advise or help, we will be there for you. Our office is open Monday to Friday (C215b), and we can be reached by phone (7716) or by email at







Have a good end of semester, and all the best for the holidays to you and your families.

Pat Kennedy

Results of the Vote for Officers for OPSEU Local 415

I am pleased to announce the results of the vote for officer positions for OPSEU Local 415, representing Professors, Instructors, Counsellors, and Librarians. The membership have re-elected the following people:

President: Pat Kennedy

1st VP: Jack Wilson

2nd VP: David Haley

Chief Steward: J.P. Lamarche

Secretary: Chris Wojcik

Treasurer: Shawn Pentecost ( previously acclaimed)

Congratulations to the members for a good turnout and participating in the  democratic process.

In Solidarity,

Nelson Ross Laguna,Electoral Officer and OPSEU Regional 4 Staff Rep.



Notice of OPSEU 415 Elections

Nominations have closed for the officer positions for OPSEU Local 415. There will be an elections for five positions: one of the positions is acclaimed.

President: Pat Kennedy and Shawn McBride

First Vice President: Catherine Kenney and Jack Wilson

Second Vice President: Paul Ebbs and David Haley

Chief Steward: Roger Davey and J.P. Lamarche

Treasurer: Shawn Pentecost (acclaimed)

Secretary: Jenn Monk and Chris Wojcik

The vote will take place Tuesday December 3 at the following locations:

Woodroffe: (8:30-4:00) in C215B

Pembroke (9:00-3:00) in Room 308

Perth (11:00-1:00) in Room 107

in solidarity,

Nelson Ross Laguna

Staff Representative

Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Ottawa, ON

1-800-268-7376 ext.5445

Announcement for Local 415 Election of Officers

As the electoral officer, I am pleased to announce the following people have been acclaimed as stewards for Local 415. There was an acclamation at Perth after one of the candidates withdrew. The Steward list below are the people who are eligible to be nominated for any of the six officer positions:


First Vice President

Second Vice President

Chief Steward



Nominations are open until Tuesday, November 26 at 4 p.m. A nomination form appears below:

Ian Allen;Wahab Almuhtadi;Dan Anderson; Jeremy Anderson;

Rod Bain; Maria Belanger; Sharleen Conrad-Beatty; Linda Crane;

Roger Davey; Enrico DeFrancesco; Maria Durocher; Paul Ebbs;

Pauline Edmonds; Scott Fewer; Sandra Gibbons; David Haley;

Stephen Heckbert; Dushan Horvat; Jennifer Houselander; Pat Kennedy;

Catherine Kenney; J.P. Lamarche; Shawn McBride; David McCue;

Moira McDonald; Virginia Mielke; Jerome Mizon; Jennifer Monk;

Jim Myronyk; Shawn Pentecost; Judy Puritt; Mario Ramsay;

Leigh Ridgway; Audrey Rosa; Maria Taylor; Claire Tortolo;

Jack Wilson; Chris Wojcik; Leslie Wyman; Joe Yu

Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Staff Rep


I ____________________________(name of nominator) nominate_______________________(name of nominee) for the position of _____________________( name of position).  ___________________________(signature of nominator)                                            I accept ___________________( signature of nominee)

Please return to the Union Office, C215b,by November 26,2013 at 4 p.m..


Local 415 Elections

As the electoral officer,I am pleased to announce the following two people have been acclaimed as stewards at Pembroke:

Pauline Edmonds and Shawn Pentecost

The following 37 people have beem acclaimed as stewards at Woodroffe:

Ian Allen;Wahab Almuhtadi;Dan Anderson;Jeremy Anderson

Maria Belanger;Sharleen Conrad-Beatty;Linda Crane

Roger Davey;Enrico De Francesco;Marie Durocher

Paul Ebbs;Scott Fewer;Sandra Gibbons

David Haley;Stephen Heckbert;Duchan Horvat

Jennifer Houselander;Pat Kennedy;Catherine Kenney

J.P.Lamarche;Shawn McBride;David McCue

Moira McDonald;Virginia Mielke;Jerome Mizon

Jennifer Monk;Jim Myronyk;Judy Puritt

Mario Ramsay;Leigh Ridgway;Audrey Rosa

Maria Taylor;Claire Tortolo;Jack Wilson

Chris Wojcik;Leslie Wyman;Joe Yu

There will be an election at Perth and the nominees are:

Rod Bain

Darrin MacDonald

The Election at Perth will be Tuesday November 12 in room 108 from 9-1.

Nelson Ross Laguna

OPSEU Region 4 Staff Rep


Local 415 Elections

Term of office January 1,2014 to December 31,2015

Please read/find  here process of elections, reasons to run for Steward and the nomination form

Steward nomination closed November 7,2013.

May 10, 2012 OPSEU Local 415 AGM

The annual General Meeting of OPSEU Local 415 will be held Thursday May 10 at 2:00 in P303. The agenda is here, includes a negotiations update as well as elections to local committees.


Pat Kennedy

President, Local 415

2011 Elections

1. Editor Local Lines -Jack Wilson 2 year term

2. WMG- J.P.Lamarche continues another year Pat Kennedy/Marlaine Finnegan/David Haley elected. Alternates Rod Bain, Christine Wojcik

3. CESC- J.P.Lamarche and Jack Wilson elected. Pat Kennedy Automatic continuing for another year-Rod Bain and Mike Nauth. David Haley and Shawn Pentecost are alternates.

4. Health and Safety Committee-Acclaimed Alain Peyrun-Berron. Continuing for another year Marlaine Finnegan. Christine Wojcik, David Haley and J.P.Lamarche

5. CAAT Division (DIVEX)- Pat Kennedy automatic. Jack Wilson, Marlaine Finnegan, Maria Taylor Elected. Shawn Pentecost and Rod Bain alternates.

6. OPSEU Convention- 2012 Pat Kennedy automatic. Audrey Rosa, Shawn Pentecost,  Jack Wilson elected. Christine Wojcik , Marlaine Finnegan alternates.

7. OPSEU Regional 2012- Pat Kennedy automatic. Maria Taylor, Christine Wojcik, David Haley elected. Rod Bain and Mary Ann Hansen alternates.

8. OPSEU Area Council- Christine Wojcik continues until 2012

9. ODLC- Christine Wojcik  acclaimed.

10. Trustees- Linda Reiche and Jeff Jackson have agreed to serve for another two years


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