Ontario restraint bill much more than two-year wage freeze

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An article written by Thomas Walkom PHD, Toronto Star national affairs columnist tells us how proposed legislation would give Ontario’s cabinet wartime -style powers over public workers until at least 2018, telling us what we are going to be entitled or not entitled to.

Article Highlights:

-If approved by legislature, the Protecting Public Service bill would allow the government to not just freeze the wages it pays to unionized employees-but roll them back.

-It would give cabinet the power to scrap or modify salary grids-as it has already done with the province’s teachers.

-The government would also be able to unilaterally change or eliminate any non-wage benefits unionized public sector workers now receive.

-The bill would bar unions from either striking or appealing such decisions to the courts.

Here is the link to the article:


Here is the link to the proposed bill, which if passed, will implement measures concerning restraint in the public sector: Protecting Public Service Act 2012:


Please take a minute and let your MPP know you are not going to sit by while the Ontario Governments strips you of your constitutional rights, bargaining protection etc.

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